Leading by famous teachers | Optical Valley No. 8 Primary School carries out practical research on the teaching mode of “Three studies”

In order to further promote the school’s “new teacher” project, implement the “integration of research, training and teaching” and promote the development of teachers, Optics Valley No. 8 Elementary School carries out a series of activities of “Famous Teachers leading” based on the project.”The teacher is to teach, not to give, but to induce.”On the afternoon of March 23, 2022, under the leadership of Liu Hua, the pilot teacher of Optics Valley No. 8 Primary School, the main members of Liu Hua’s Master Studio held a seminar on the practice research topic of “Three studies” teaching mode in the post-epidemic era.In the way of “micro lecture”, “classroom demonstration”, “case analysis”, “theory interpretation” and “practice experience”, the “three studies” teaching mode was demonstrated for us, and the practice experience and phased achievements of the “three Studies” teaching mode were reviewed and summarized.First of all, Mr. Li Wenchang, a member of Liu Hua master studio, taught the exhibition class of “Exploring Graphics”.In order to understand the students’ cognitive starting point and knowledge growth point, Mr. Li carried out a pre-teaching test for students before class.In the “three learnings” demonstration class taught by Mr. Li Wenchang, Mr. Li showed the pre-test content and results in class, and then carried out classroom teaching according to the “three learnings” teaching mode — “review learning”, “discrimination learning” for fuzzy places, and “expansion learning” for those who could not.For example, when students observe that each edge is evenly divided into 2, 3 and 4 parts, Teacher Li guides students to initially discover the relationship between the “number” of small cubes on the painted surface and their position on the large cube in the sharing and comment activities involving multiple senses, such as looking, pointing, saying and thinking.Students can communicate and report what they already know, present their ideas, listen to each other and complement each other.After previous stage of communication, students feel vague content would be exposed to lead the students into explore the link of discrimination, miss li around three core issues, experience “observation count – imagine calculation, comparison and analysis, found that regular, abstract expression” the depth of the learning process, students grasp the problem in the contrast, analysis of commonness, naturally, is a general conclusion,And accumulate mathematical experience from special to general, looking for rules.Finally, Miss Li said, “Do you have any questions?Is there anything else you’d like to study?”So as to guide students to learn.Teacher Li’s class fully embodies the students’ dominant position and develops their thinking ability and mathematical accomplishment.It is an efficient, generative and open class.Then Gong Cencen, a member of Liu Hua master Studio, gave a lecture with the theme of “Three Learnings” to help explore and improve learning ability.Teacher Gong Cencen talked about the “three learnings”. She made a comprehensive analysis of the implementation of the “three learnings” in this lesson from five aspects.In the section of teacher-student review, students communicate independently and help each other multilaterally, which improves their ability of expression, listening and cooperation.In the link of discrimination, students discuss and fight, break through the core problems, and develop the ability of dialogue and criticism.In the process of learning promotion, students apply the rules and mathematical thinking methods to solve problems, and promote the ability to ask questions and reflect.She put forward that these seven learning forces are to meet the needs of students’ future learning and life in terms of accomplishment, habit and quality, as well as the goal of students’ development in the field of “synthesis and practice”. It is also the requirement of The Times and the inevitable trend of primary school mathematics teaching.”When people do not know lingyun wood, until Lingyun daogao.”Then Miss Cao Juan, a member of Liu Hua master studio, made a theoretical analysis of the teaching mode of “Three Studies” with the theme of “Exploring the teaching mode of” Three Studies “and adapting to the changing future”.Cao Juan teachers “school” theory of anatomy teaching for children’s future, she mentioned based on the theory of humanistic education for teaching on the basis of the focus back to the training of children in the “whole person” on the basis of each person different, interest, enthusiasm, talent and potential, cultivate their force of “autonomous learning” is the “with changeless should change” strategy,The combination and integration of “three studies” can effectively improve students’ independent learning ability.Studio young teachers Qiu Houyu teacher also combined with his own teaching practice experience to share the use of “third” teaching mode in class, she thought, “the third” teaching can effectively avoid the students thinking “fake” false understand “” wait for a phenomenon, students can communicate with each other, learn to listen to others, timely correction, self-reflection, strengthen the confidence to learn math well.Teacher Qiu Houyu shared the practical experience of “Three Studies”. Teacher Liu Hua, the host of Master Liu studio, gave us the micro lecture “Children’s is Efficient”.Mr. Liu showed the complete framework of the “three studies” teaching model, and proposed to build a high-efficiency and high-effect classroom based on students’ development and committed to the cultivation of students’ learning ability by grasping the realistic starting point and respecting the logical starting point.She said that starting from children, focusing on children’s development, to go to children, it is necessary to carry out the “three learning” teaching mode, establish efficient classroom learning concept, construct efficient classroom new paradigm, make full use of information technology, let efficient classroom ground root.Master studio host Liu Hua did “children, is efficient” micro lecture at the end, the core member of the research group Yang Jing, deputy director of the next stage of the subject research objectives and implementation of the arrangement.Team members Yang Jing arrangement, deputy director of the next phase project implementation is the famous “inquest into teaching” integration navigation activities not only shows the “third” teaching mode of achievements, to the next stage for teachers “third” provides a train of thought and guiding teaching practice and reform, but also can be drawn lessons from for the highly effective classroom building to school paradigm and experience.All teachers of Optics Valley No. 8 Primary School will continue to explore teaching and research training methods based on the subject and guided by the development of teachers and students, singing a new chapter of “successful education” of No. 8 Primary School.

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