Riveting foot “tiger strength”!Binhai New Area promotes “Double War and Win-win” scientifically and comprehensively

At the beginning of this year, the omicron strain struck Tianjin, posing severe challenges to epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.In the face of this complicated “epidemic test”, Binhai New Area has made scientific and coordinated efforts to prevent the epidemic and stabilize production, create opportunities in the crisis, find a way out in the difficult situation, and grasp the difficulties to stabilize the economic “basic”.According to the latest statistics, in the first two months of this year, fixed asset investment in Binhai New Area reached 16.51 billion yuan, up 12.7% year on year.The import and export of Tianjin amounted to 88.13 billion yuan, up 2.8% year-on-year, accounting for nearly 70% of the total import and export value of Tianjin.It actually utilized 32.881 billion yuan of domestic capital, introduced 113 projects worth more than 100 million yuan, and invested a total of 64.35 billion yuan……A series of economic figures show that the economy of the new area is in a positive trend and has a strong momentum of high-quality development.In March, the Binhai New Area was full of vitality.Not long ago, sinopec tianjin Nangang ethylene project civil construction started, several excavators working at the same time, the machine roar, a busy scene.Ethylene industry is the core of petrochemical industry. Ethylene production has been regarded as one of the important indicators to measure the development level of a country’s petrochemical industry.”As the leader of Sinopec Tianjin Nangang high-end new materials project cluster, this project will be led by 1.2 million tons/year ethylene cracking unit, and the industrial chain will extend the construction of α -olefin, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and other high-end new materials units.Among them, 11 sets of equipment adopt advanced technology with independent intellectual property rights of Sinopec.The civil construction project starts, which also marks the new stage of Tianjin Nangang high-end new materials project cluster invested and constructed in Nangang during the 14th Five-year Plan period of Sinopec.”Related person in charge of nangang industrial zone said.Adhering to the principle of “project first” and “project first”, Binhai New Area has given full play to its role as a leading engine of high-quality development since this year, implemented the strategy of strong manufacturing area, vigorously developed strategic emerging industries, and accelerated the clustering of emerging industries to provide support for the high-quality development of the whole city.At the construction site of Lenovo (Tianjin) Intelligent Innovation Service Industrial Park located in tianjin Port free Trade Zone, workers are carrying out the construction in a tense and orderly manner. It is expected that 70% of the infrastructure construction in the east of the park will be completed by the end of this month, and the construction stage of the main structure will be more than positive or negative zero successively.As a key construction project of Tianjin in 2021, the industrial park, with a total investment of about 1.13 billion yuan, will strive to become a benchmark industrial park of highly informationized and intelligent industry integrating production and manufacturing, RESEARCH and development experiments and digital display.Lenovo (Tianjin) Intelligent Innovation Service Industrial Park “The sudden attack of ‘Omicron’ virus strain this year brought new challenges to the project construction.The FTZ administrative Committee provided precise services to help the project implement closed management and centrally arrange nucleic acid screening for all staff at nearby locations.At the same time, we helped enterprises sort out transportation problems, developed special lines for material transportation, effectively opened a green channel for material transportation, guaranteed the timely supply of project materials, and ensured that the project did not stop work during the epidemic prevention and control period and zero infection of employees.”Lenovo Tianjin Industrial Park director Zhao Yongqiang said.The more economic pressure, the more test scientific dispatch command.On the one hand, Binhai New Area insists on strict prevention and control;On the other hand, we will do everything possible to promote the construction of key projects under construction to stabilize market entities and build up strength for high-quality development.Expanding effective investment is an important way to ensure stability in the six areas.According to statistics, in the first two months of this year, the growth rate of fixed asset investment in the new district picked up rapidly, with the completed investment of 16.51 billion yuan, up 12.7% year-on-year.The secondary industry grew by 10%, with manufacturing up 13.8%.The tertiary industry increased by 18.2%, among which the investment in leasing and business services reached 1.96 billion yuan, up 60.3%.At the same time, the new district actively strives for the central and municipal budget funds, builds the bank-enterprise docking platform, and raises various construction funds for various projects.This year new district in tianjin key construction projects, key reserve listing a total of 240 projects, involving science and technology innovation, the industrial chain and industry upgrading, major infrastructure, major people’s livelihood improvement, etc., the first batch of new projects reached 116, with a total investment of 115.4 billion yuan, the scale of project account for 36.5% of the city, leading engine further highlight,A pattern of competing development between “Tianjin City” and “riverside city” is accelerating.The epidemic has affected the production and operation of many enterprises.In the trials of wind and rain, the new District has carefully used the situation to ease difficulties for enterprises, carefully protect enterprises and strong enterprises, a wave of warm policies against the cold market, but also to accelerate the breeding of new economic development laid a solid foundation.Cultivating high-tech enterprises with high growth potential is an important way to foster new driving forces and expand and strengthen the “chassis” of new driving forces.Not long ago, “Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone Gradient Support Policy for Science and Technology Enterprises” (” Six science and technology enterprises “) was officially released.”KeQi six” built “high and new technology enterprise, gazelle enterprise in tianjin, tianjin science and technology leading (foster) – the” double five “enterprise – unicorn – listed enterprises” gradient support system, for each type of enterprise, according to its growth step support, gradient to foster a more complete chain, support more accurate.Through the implementation of enterprise innovation points system and other measures, centering on the growth of enterprises in the whole life cycle, the government will comprehensively evaluate enterprises from multiple dimensions according to different indicators, and give preferential support to high-tech enterprises with strong innovation ability and high development potential.In The New Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City, the measures to accelerate the gathering and Development of Intelligent technology Industry have been widely concerned by intelligent technology enterprises.The measures support the smart technology industry from 10 aspects, including project settlement, site demand, innovation and development, and financial services.Once the identified major and large projects are settled, they can obtain support funds according to the standard of 20% of fixed asset investment, which brings “real money and silver” favorable support for enterprises.”In recent years, faW Toyota new energy vehicles, Huafeng measurement and control, Yi Zhirui and a number of leading enterprises in the field of intelligent technology have landed in the eco-city, promoting the deep integration of intelligent technology industry and smart city development.According to the measures, the smart city data of the eco-city will be properly opened to key enterprises, demonstration scenes of the World Intelligent Conference will be provided, and innovative applications of enterprises will be supported. More and more intelligent achievements of enterprises will be displayed and applied in the eco-city, and an industrial ecology adapted to high-quality development will be built.”Relevant person in charge of sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Management Committee said.According to the introduction of the relevant person in charge of the Binhai New Area Development and Reform Commission, at present, the new Area is closely focusing on accelerating the realization of the functional positioning given by the state, and vigorously carrying out the “three efforts” to win honors and commendations, project funds, and policy support.”We closely follow the direction of national policies and investment trends, hoping to focus on the investment priorities of special funds that can be obtained, and strive to improve the matching degree between planned projects and national policies, so as to ensure that a number of mature projects and other funds are available at any time.”The person in charge said.The starting point and ultimate goal of improving the quality of cities is to satisfy the people.Since this year, Binhai New Area has made great efforts to improve the quality of the city and create a new image of a beautiful “binhai city”.In Yujiapu area of Jingkai District, urban renewal project planning has been launched, and Tanggu South Railway Station, a national key cultural relic protection unit with more than 130 years of history, will also be used for protection, to stimulate the vitality of the city and retain the memory of the city.The economic development zone will rely on the industrial site of Tanggu South Railway Station and haihe river landscape resources to create a culture-themed livable community, design road traffic, carry out comprehensive renovation, and improve the overall environment and supporting functions of the area.Almost at the same time, by the open area management committee, east China normal university in hand that all the schools of China’s top universities gene, will further enhance the “seaport” core of basic education level, and Julia, yao hua middle school in tianjin binhai school and the teda YueYangDao primary school together form “seaport” core “matrix” schools.Construction of the school will begin in May this year and the school will open in September 2024, with 48 classes planned to meet the needs of nearby residents.Information:It is understood that this year, Binhai New Area will also focus on speeding up road network projects such as widening jinji Road and reconstruction of industrial and agricultural Avenue, as well as the construction of rail transit B1, Z2 and Z4 lines, and the implementation of urban renewal projects such as Teda Fashion Square, free trade zone and harbor area, haihe Bund landscape improvement and the transformation of 83 old residential areas.To make people in the new Area feel more satisfied, happier and more sustainable, and have a more secure sense of security.Fearless wind and rain, forge ahead.Bincheng people are making great strides on the road of high-quality development, striving to build a beautiful “bincheng” in the new era, which is ecological, intelligent and livable and suitable for business, and making greater contributions to the new situation of building a socialist modern metropolis in an all-round way.Source Binhai

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