Yangxin: Three major measures to do a good job in the life of vulnerable groups

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Yangxin County has paid close attention to disadvantaged people and low-income families and other vulnerable groups, taking three measures to ensure the livelihood of vulnerable groups.We have taken the initiative to protect those in need.In communities (villages), 16511 people in need in Yangxin county, including 516 urban subsistence allowances, 13,945 rural subsistence allowances and 2,050 people living in extreme poverty, were provided with 138,000 masks, 98,000 bottles of disinfectant and 2,500 bottles of alcohol disinfectant.”Should save all”, do a good job in the bottom of the security.During the epidemic period, Yangxin County implemented the policy of providing assistance to those in need before handling relevant procedures, providing assistance to 75 families and individuals with temporary difficulties due to the epidemic in the first time, and granting temporary relief funds of 184,000 yuan.At the same time, the standard of assistance has been raised again, and the social assistance standards of yangxin County, such as minimum living security, support for the extremely poor and two subsidies for the disabled, have been raised by another 10%, so as to save all.”Should help all help”, earnestly do care service.Hotlines for social assistance, medical assistance and psychological assistance have been established, with 30 psychological counselors and 40 volunteers working 24 hours a day to give priority to the daily life and psychological counseling needs of disadvantaged groups.At the same time, 79 county-level units were further arranged to upgrade management and upgrade services for 161 residential communities, and volunteers were strengthened to provide daily care services and guarantee of basic living materials for the disadvantaged groups, so as to timely meet their living needs and do their utmost to help.At present, the basic living needs of disadvantaged groups in Yangxin County have been effectively guaranteed.The next step, Yangxin county will continue to seriously implement the provincial party committee decision deployment, in accordance with the actual needs of the poor people and low-income families, hard work with heart, with practical action, so that the poor people really feel the care and warmth of the Party and the government.Reporter Yao Xingbin correspondent Zhai Chengxin report

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