Gou Yongxue, deputy secretary of political and Legal Committee of Longnan Municipal Party Committee visited retired comrades

This net news (reporter li Ming) on 27 January, authorized by longnan municipal party committee standing committee, secretary of the committee HuoZiJun, vice secretary of party committee of relevant GouYongXue led the communist party’s political authority is responsible for the comrades, successively visit condolences to former vice secretary of municipal party committee politics and law committee YanLiu, former communist party committee of researcher and Britain and the original longnan prefectural party committee of political science and law zhi-kai liu, director of the office of retired veteran comrades,Send New Year’s greetings and condolence money to them.Among retired veteran comrades, GouYongXue line ask for details of their health and life situation, to the old comrades are introduced in recent years, the city’s economic and social development situation and the work progress of politics and law, thank them for party committee and the city’s contribution to the work of political science and law to wish them good health and a happy life, a happy Spring Festival.A few retired veteran comrades have said, thanks to organizational concern, although they retired, but has been paid close attention to the development of the city, feel happy for the great changes in urban and rural areas in the city get, also work for the city of political science and law, especially for the long-term development of the communist party’s political authority’s achievements in recent years be pleased, hope that the whole city each enterprise progresses day by day,Greater progress was made in all key work related to politics and law.(Contributed by Political and Legal Committee of Longnan Municipal Party Committee) =”clear”>=”text-indent:2em;”> =”http:> =”text-align:center;”> =”text-indent:2em;”> =”http:> =”text-align:center;”> =”http:> =”text-align:center;”> =”text-indent:2em;”> =”m-newsboxfixed”id=”newscontent”>

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