Guangzhou TWO Sessions | Tu Zipei: Further Strengthening the Construction of “Urban Brain” and creating a “Negative List” of data

Yang Cheng Evening News Omnimedia reporter Tan Zhengtu/Yang Cheng Evening News omnimedia reporter Tang Mingming poster/Yang Cheng Evening News omnimedia reporter Chen Qian “Guangzhou should further strengthen the construction of ‘urban brain’, how to strengthen?I think it’s about sorting through the data.”Tu Zipei, a deputy to the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress and CEO of Digital Civilization (Guangdong) Technology Co., LTD, suggested that Guangzhou create a “negative list” of data during the first session of the 16th Guangzhou People’s Congress.In an interview, Tu Zipei pointed out that the government has spent a lot of effort to collect and produce data, “but many data have not played their due effect, so we need to create a list to know which data have been collected, but not good enough. The next step is to make good use of them.”It is reported that the public Data Regulations of Zhejiang Province have been passed at the sixth session of the 13th People’s Congress of Zhejiang Province and will come into force on March 1.The rules from the expanding scope of public data, clear public data platform construction norms, improve the public data collection collation rules, establishing a mechanism of sharing public data fully, build public data orderly opening system, set up a public data authorized operation system, perfecting public data security management standard of public data management.As for the construction of a digital government, Tu zipei also mentioned that relevant departments should pay attention to the idea of popularizing digital twinning and plan actions on it.”We should promote BIM (Building information Modeling), also known as building information modeling, and build a spatio-temporal big data system based on guangzhou city and district.”In Tu zipei’s opinion, the development of innovation strategy is also inseparable from the education of teenagers in related fields.He pointed out that education and industry should be “integrated”, set up high-tech enterprises in the industry youth innovation alliance, provide products and engineers for teenagers, youth and data development “intimate contact” to provide space.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Chen Qian

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