In previous years, Tianjin teaching recruitment ashore “the easiest” Dongli district, examination situation what special changes?

In the past years of tianjin teacher recruitment examination, belongs to one of the areas that is easier to get ashore!And before 2021, there are still a lot of students in the area, college students prepared for the post, and in 2021, the teaching recruitment examination situation in Dongli district ushered in great changes……Different from previous years, Dongli District will adjust the educational qualifications of candidates in 2021, adjusting the threshold to undergraduate graduates (including part-time), and no longer open to college students.Previously, as a few of tianjin to retain the “post of college students” area, Dongli district in the eyes of many examinees, is a relatively “good test” area, and the restrictions are not so strict, so every year candidates for examination enthusiasm is very high.Teaching for examination in 2021, dong li district education threshold limit for candidates, so according to teach recruit law view this year will very likely is each post “requirements bachelor degree or above, so in 2022 the examinee of dong li will improve overall quality and test level, performance will improve accordingly, difficulty will detour to increase test![Dog head] here, Zhixiaoding suggested students: in the face of the increasingly fierce competition in Tianjin, you must seriously review and prepare for the examination, do not have a fluke psychology!According to statistics: in the dongli District in 2021, the positions of fresh graduates account for only 25% of the total, and the positions that should/former students can apply for account for as high as 75%.Such a large number of posts accounted for the dongli District to absorb the urgent need for educational talents.In this case, we can foresee the 2022 dong li teach recruit: the past gave birth to the examinee the influx toray will teach recruitment field, although the policy of college graduates are likely to be no more, but the other previous birth also won’t have so many jobs in a short time, so dong li may become the first target of 2022 years tianjin teach recruit past.”There are many students in the past, will the score of entering face be greatly improved?”Many college graduates may have such concerns.In this regard, Zhi Xiaoding suggested that we do not need to worry too much.Students do not add meaningless psychological burden to themselves, former students do not represent the examinee’s exam level is very strong.Because of work, family and other reasons, most former students will be involved in a lot of energy, unable to concentrate on review for examination, written test ability is not necessarily strong, interview ability will also be lacking!And three years of candidates, has been carefully prepared to teach recruit exams, some students even continuous learning for a year, more than two years, these candidates pen interview test ability is stronger than ordinary former students, the foundation is slightly poor just graduated candidates!So, into the surface of the discretion of cent is still affected by this year’s examinee to a large extent!Different from other districts, dongli District has many special positions in teaching recruitment in 2011. For example, the post of middle school mental health teacher, which is still under the policy of “post before certificate”, requires candidates to: have a corresponding bachelor’s degree;Graduate students should have master’s degree or above;Obtain the teacher qualification certificate of senior middle school mental health education within one year of employment.In addition, the area of dong li district 2021 recruit also appeared a “unlimited professional examinee” jobs, although no professional 10 preschool teachers, but it does not mean that the competition for jobs is fierce, it is likely to be dong li enter oneself for an examination this teach recruit the minimum number of a job, because this job, although not professional, but requires the examinee have tianjin hukou,And it is by this city enlist, retired soldier ability can enter oneself for an examination!Above this kind of job is very special, it was unknown whether in 2022 will exist, small tripod but he suggested that schoolmates don’t envy can enter oneself for an examination of this kind of job candidates, in teaching for examination, after all, luck and strength will influence the final result, although we have no luck can enter oneself for an examination the post, but does not mean we don’t have other jobs, other areas may ashore.There are many opportunities must be seized!

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