Love and its lotus heart

Is love sweet or bitter?A girl in love would almost say, “Love is sweet.”And some middle-aged women who have experienced love will say, “Love is always bitter, if love is a lotus flower, the most beautiful love must be that bitter lotus heart, has been bitter in the heart, and then there can be so beautiful lotus.”It’s a matter of opinion, but only those who have really experienced love can truly understand the true meaning of love.Recently, I saw a video that let me truly appreciate the true meaning of love. Only after experiencing painful love can I truly understand the connotation of love and truly love. No change in time and space can change it.Love is not a simple feelings, love is an indestructible power, any difficulties and obstacles in front of love may be nothing, some people even say that love can move god.A pair of love birds from the city to fly back to the rural town, from the original parents do not look good, to finally become the phoenix flying on the branches, is really a beautiful world.Many people will say, this is a story, the world is really so beautiful love?However, there is such a thing as good love, and it happens right around you and me.Yes, our efforts may not change the world at all, there is only our inner beauty, but the beauty of the world always comes to us when we can’t perceive it.Sometimes, you always feel that we are dreaming.As an adult, we know that miracles rarely or never happen, but we always hope for them, which is at best wishful thinking, at worst spiritual, and if they do happen at all.We didn’t work hard won’t we all regret!The young woman in the video insists that her husband will get better. Her massage can at least reduce the pain of her husband, so she insists on pushing her husband on a flatbed to get acupuncture in her busy schedule.We may say that love touched the gods, but I prefer to believe that ten years of consistent treatment, especially acupuncture, helped my husband get better.The husband is an accidental factor, but the husband slowly better, that is certainly long-term treatment received effect.If the husband does not understand, it is the wife who can calculate the time of the husband’s return, or the wife who knows the husband will be back in a few days, not this train or the next train, this is the inevitable result.Or was it the wife’s longing for her husband that forced her to go to the station to meet her husband? Anyway, she missed him at home. Why not go to the station to try her luck and see her husband earlier?The beautiful idea is to take a hint when a hint is intended. Objectively interpreted as a wife missing her husband, the result is that the husband gets out of the car and sees his wife waiting anxiously.If their love is a long wait, that love is really painful, if there is no pain in love, how can love be so sweet?Otherwise how could there be a law of conservation of energy?If their love is not ninety-eight difficult, who can feel their love as sweet as honey?Should say, love is never so sweet in our imagination, god always loves to give us a few such setbacks, always like to give us such or such jokes, how can you see the rainbow without setbacks?The man and the woman in the video all yearn for such love in the next life, but they say that they don’t want such love in the next life, because your love makes me feel bad, and your love is too bitter.Yes, we wish our love would always be as sweet as honey, but how can it be so?If our love is not willing to go through such a little pain, do we deserve real love?Love is first of all a kind of pay, not pay how deserve to enjoy sweet love?We should establish a correct view of love and learn to give to each other, especially to let each other really enjoy love.Besides, a man should start with kindness.Kindness always comes to good.

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