5 days 1 billion, Ma Li more than Jia Ling, together with Wei Xiang next movie will be released

On Feb 5, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year box office battle, there was a lot of good news for The Killer.The first is that as of this publication time, The Professional has made nearly 1 billion yuan at the box office on its fifth day of release, surpassing Jia Ling’s Through The Winter to Embrace You (936 million) and making a good start for the 2022 comedy film.Second, the lead actress Ma Li’s personal box office broke through 10.5 billion, more than Louis Koo (10.2 billion), into the top 20 box office 10 billion.Since last year, the box office of comedy films has never exceeded 1 billion yuan. Even the highly anticipated “Embracing You Through The Winter” by Jia Ling, Huang Bo and Zhu Yilong only earned 936 million yuan after more than a month in theaters.However, after the Spring Festival began this year, “The Professional” surged to the top of the comedy box office in 2022, grossing nearly 1 billion yuan in five days and with an estimated box office of 2.7 billion yuan.From the comedy film aspect, Shen Teng female partner has two, one is Jia Ling, one is Ma Li, whether “Hello, Li Huanying” or “Goodbye Mr. Loser” are successful, therefore “Containing teng quantity” and “containing Jing quantity”, has become the film box office guarantee.After shen Teng “separated”, Jia Ling and Huang Bo cooperation, unfortunately, “Through the winter to embrace you” box office did not fire up, but ma Li and Wei Xiang launched “The Killer is not too calm”, became the Spring Festival box office dark horse.The success of “The Professional” is no accident. This film with zero “content” not only shows the essence of high comedy, but also indicates the rise of a new group of “double stars with twist”.After seeing “The killer is not too calm”, give a person the feeling is very deep, although the film pack dense, let a person laugh to stomachache, but after a careful aftertaste, there is a mood permeated in the heart.One is that word of mouth is surprisingly good.As of the time of publication of this article, The Killer has received 110,000 comments on Douban, equal to watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake. The one-star rating ratio is only 1.8 percent, ranking first among the eight films in the Spring Festival season, along with Miracle and Stupid Children.The second is to make people laugh again and again.Looking at the comedy film market in recent years, there are so few films like “The Professional Killer” that have many jokes and jokes. It’s really satisfying to watch such a comedy feast together when the family is celebrating the Spring Festival.Third, humor is so advanced.It is said that the core of comedy is tragedy, and many movies are showing it through various means, but not many of them play so advanced as “The Killer is not too calm”.Comedy films embody the core of tragedy, the essence of which is not forced to sensational by the end, but hidden behind every joke from the beginning of the film.This killer is not too cool in the film, when wei zifeng milan played little dragon set of wei success get big star (Mary) after the so-called “recognition”, attentive audience can get behind wei successful joy, tears streaming down her face, has staged a tragedy, in the process of supreme madness funny, show a little sad counter attack.Fourth, it conveys a mood.Every man is the leading role of my life, may be someone stand very high, some people always wandered the trough, but each success, even the little joy, is needs to insist on their own to achieve, this mood throughout the thread of the whole “the killer is not very calm”, embodied in each bundle from beginning to end.”The Killer is not too calm” box office success, let Ma Li successfully promoted to the Chinese film history of the first 10 billion yuan box office female artist, but also let people see Wei Xiang’s superb acting.Unlike Shen Teng’s relaxed and exaggerated style, Wei Xiang’s performance borders on neuroticism, which is perfectly demonstrated through facial expressions and body language and perfectly blended with Ma Li’s unrestrained style.It is worth mentioning that “this killer is not quite calm” let a person see ma Li, Wei Xiang this pair of mahua double star strength, and the film “elder brother, hello” is also about to be released.In the movie hello, Brother, Ma Li and Wei Xiang play a couple, and the time setting of the late 1980s is more memorable for many people, which will bring more laughter to the audience.

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