A man came home to find a box left by his grandmother during the Spring Festival. The contents made him cry: priceless treasures

The people who love us the most generally want to leave the things they think are the best for us, but those things may be the most common in our eyes, and even we may feel that things are cheap, but in the eyes of the people we love us, it is the best thing.Because they love us, they always want to leave us or give us what they think is the best, and those things may be food, use or wear, it represents their love for us, it is priceless.Shandong Mr. Wu, before the Spring Festival back home for the New Year, in the room accidentally found a few grandma left luggage, due to curiosity, Mr. Wu decided to open the grandma left luggage to see what things in the end.When Wu opened the suitcase and saw the contents, he burst into tears, because the suitcase was filled with two boxes of quilted jackets and cloth shoes that his grandmother, wearing reading glasses, had stitched for his unborn child.Since Mr. Wu was not married and had any children at that time, no one knew whether his child would be a boy or a girl, so grandma made several cotton-padded jackets for both men and women.Including the children when wear cotton-padded jacket, as well as the children grow up to wear cotton-padded jacket, all grandmother to her great grandson.The girl’s cotton-padded jacket was made in red by grandma, while the boy’s was made in blue. There were insole embroidered by grandma herself, as well as cloth shoes.And all these things were neatly stacked in thin film bags by Grandma, and then stored in a suitcase.Mr Wu later said that the items in his grandmother’s suitcase were sewed by her 20 years ago for his future child, who was then young and did not care.Grandma always told him that she must sew the rest of her clothes while she was in good health, so that she would not have regrets after a hundred years.With the passage of time, Mr. Wu was growing up, study and then go out and work hard, he already gave him many years ago my grandma future child sewing clothes and shoes and forget all about the content, until this year found when I went back to my grandma left two suitcases, under the curiosity urges the opened the box, then found grandma to his future children sewing clothes,He was immediately moved and shed tears.Mr Wu said he had a very good relationship with his grandmother since childhood, so he and grandma’s feelings are particularly deep, recall and grandma dribs and drabs Mr Wu already moved to tears.After the video was released, many netizens expressed their opinions, with some saying that grandma’s stitches and threads are all full of love for Wu and his children.PS little girl viewpoint: WHEN I watched this video, I was also moved in a big way, many times the second generation is really heartwarming, whether it is cotton-padded jacket and shoes, or embroidered insole, every stitch is full of grandma’s love for her grandchildren and great grandchildren.And this kind of love is the envy of all of us, this is true love, is also great love, presumably Mr. Wu and his children are happy.Some netizens say that they love the needle and thread, while others say that these items made by grandma are priceless. I agree.Because these objects contain a lot of meaning, the truth grandma needlework’s done really well, whether the design of cotton-padded jacket, or embroidery pattern on the insole, at all but now, I even think of grandma’s sewing worse than any store, and I think even better than anything in the store hundreds of thousands of times.At the same time, this is something we can’t envy, these clothes and shoes and other items wear on the body but warm in the heart, although this winter is cold, but the heart is warm.Moreover, the items made by grandma are worth Mr. Wu’s careful collection. I believe that grandma’s love for them will always be with them.Indeed, in our life, whether it is our parents, or grandparents, or grandparents, they will give us what they think is the best.Most of the time they will forget themselves, afraid that we are not enough to eat and wear warm, completely ignore whether they eat well and wear warm.We ignore their feelings a lot of the time, and sometimes because of work or other reasons, we don’t spend months or even a whole year with them.We always think there is time, and there is a lot of time, but in fact they have been old day by day, we can accompany in their side of the time in the day by day to reduce, early know to accompany as early as possible, do not wait until after the loss of regret, then really is the tree desire and wind, son to raise and kiss not to stay.Article/Huang Xiaoguai original is not easy, such as found plagiarism/wash draft, will investigate!

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