Germany’s head of delegation for the Winter Olympics says athletes will be safe in the bubble

This article was transferred from;Berlin, January 28 (Xinhua) — Germany’s head of delegation for the Winter Olympics, Dilke Schmelpfenig, believes athletes can feel “very safe” at the Beijing Winter Olympics amid the COVID-19 pandemic.”If you come here and you are in this closed loop, in this’ bubble ‘- we have been in it for a week now – then you are really very safe,” Schimelpfenig said on Berlin’s Radio Brandenburg on January 28.[This] is similar to the experience in Tokyo [at last summer’s Olympics].”At the last Summer Games in the Japanese capital, “Nothing happened to the German team in the bubble,” Mr. Schimelpfenich said.”The difficulty is that the infection rate in Germany is very high,” he said.It’s much harder to travel without contracting the virus than it is to stay in Beijing without contracting the virus.”Most of the German athletes will leave for China this weekend, the report said.

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