Guangzhou Conghua Jucheng Resort, two days to enlarge, enjoy private pool, the key is cheap

Are you still worried about traveling on vacation?Recommended hua Liangkou town at the foot of wuzhishan Jucheng Resort, beautiful environment, fresh air – rest days away from the castle away from dust!In the warm backyard of Guangzhou, there are private hot spring pool, farmhouse restaurant, karaoke, grape picking garden and other facilities. It is a place of rest and wealth integrating food, living and entertainment, with convenient transportation. The resort has vineyards for tourists to pick.The villa has projection equipment fully multi-functional meeting room, suitable for all kinds of group construction, family parties.Stay in wooden house/pond view luxury room, private soaking pool, vineyard picking “link” << soak in hot spring, enjoy plum blossom, grape picking, taste delicious food, you will definitely enjoy a pleasant vacation experience.Walking outside at night talking to friends.Passing through a lighted door, breathing the clear air and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, I felt very relaxed.Mountain spring swimming pool The water of the swimming pool under the blue sky, especially the bright blue.The night also has the unique charm of being close to nature and happily playing in the very large pool!Can swim happily!According to reliable information, adults and children can be poisoned just once.Brilliancy together to challenge the ~ multi-functional conference room grape picking park hot spring resort the flow stream (good mouth town) within a large vineyard, adjacent to the mountains, beautiful environment, the flow of river source good mouth town, here is far away from urban air pollution in sunshine, rainfall is rich, there are four kinds of the grapes to the estate.The advanced grape varieties of sunshine rose introduced from Japan are rich, stable production, disease resistance, large and good resistance.No hollow fruit, thin and tough skin, crisp flesh, good taste, yellowish green fruit, oval.Fruit surface luster, flesh crisp, juicy, granular, fruit crispy seedless, roses, sweet, crisp taste, mature fragrance printing green, have strong roses good taste, fruit fragrance, the fragrance of osmanthus flowers rose scent of three kinds of mixed together barbecued pork hill features gourmet tour didn't waste taste buds.There is a soft bed in the hotel to welcome me. I can forget the trouble of staying for one night and spend a comfortable time. Even if I go on vacation, MANY details can also enjoy the comfort like at home.For a great value 2-day tour, click the "link" below

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