Jishou First chu South Campus: concentric fight against “epidemic”, “nuclear” you together

Huasheng online on April 9 (correspondent Zhang Shuyuan) “Teacher Li, how is you?What a handsome outfit you have!”On the afternoon of April 7th, despite the scorching sun, the medical workers of Jishou Center for Disease Control and Prevention and all the teachers and students of Jishou No.1 Junior High School south Campus gathered in the athletics field for nucleic acid testing.Through his protective clothing, a boy waiting in line recognized the worker helping to type in the information as his teacher.It is understood that the South Campus of Jishou No. 1 Junior High School attaches great importance to the nucleic acid test for all staff. After receiving the nucleic acid test task from the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau, it immediately responded positively, carried out preparations before the test, and set up a scientific, reasonable, efficient and convenient testing process.Teachers on the south campus volunteer to assist the medical staff in their work.Under the overall arrangement of epidemic prevention personnel of the school and the hospital, teachers and students of all classes in the South Campus arrived at the designated locations in batches and at different times to receive nucleic acid samples.During the testing, everyone should wear a mask, hold a health code and wait in line at a safe distance of one meter.”Ah — open your mouth, hold your head high, and relax.”The medical staff in charge of sampling took the trouble to repeat the gentle instructions to the students, and quickly put the swab into their pharynx, the movement of masterful, smooth.After the nucleic acid sampling, the school’s epidemic prevention personnel immediately disinfected the sampling site.”It’s really hot!Again, but baymax is hotter, thank them!They worked hard!”After the nucleic acid test, a student talked to the teacher about his feelings.After two hours, more than 1,000 teachers and students in the South Campus successfully and efficiently completed the nucleic acid test for all students.The nucleic acid test is a comprehensive investigation of the epidemic prevention and control of the school. “No one loves the epidemic”, the South Campus will continue to do a solid job in epidemic prevention and control, work together to fight the epidemic and build a safety barrier.

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