Lionel Messi video encourages cancer fans!Sending a greeting can bring strength

In recent days messi has received a lot of praise from players and media. Opel Sports believes that even many of his opponents have praised his football skills and abilities, but Messi has not expressed much about the praise, instead using a video to send his best wishes to a young fan suffering from cancer.True to his nature, Messi takes neither praise nor criticism too seriously, but has been extremely patient with the fans and proved what a good idol is when it comes to the little Argentina fan with cancer.The fan who asked Messi to send a video message was Amparo, a seven-year-old girl from Santa Fe, Argentina, who was struck down by cancer last year and has been fighting it ever since.Amparo is a big fan of Messi and his Argentina national team, never misses a game they play, and was so emotional that she burst into tears when Messi won the Ballon d ‘Or for the second time last year.Her family and friends have reached out to Messi via social media to ask for the blessing of the Amparo icon to help the little girl overcome her illness.”Amparo, are you feeling better?” Messi said in a video message to the Argentinian fan.I would like to send you a big greeting and hope that this greeting can bring you enough strength and wish you all the best.I have to say that Messi’s videos are as low-key and sincere as his own.After receiving a video message from Messi, Amparo’s family took to social media to express their gratitude to him because they did not expect him to see their message and wish their child such a blessing, but he remembered to reply.But Messi has done a lot of it, and there are plenty of examples of it in the sport, from NBA team Utah signing a one-day deal with a kid with leukemia to Crystal Palace paying for cancer treatment for the opposing coach’s wife.And this is also the power of sports, sports is never just to compete to win or lose, but to bring people the spirit of struggle, encourage everyone to be optimistic about life, football is always full of warmth, I also hope that the little fan soon recover health.

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