Milwaukee Martial Arts Team!Bucks defenceless man evil dry basket nets, Rice god was expelled, Su Qun three shelling

On April 1, Beijing time, the eastern Conference matchup, and possibly even the first round of the playoffs, officially arrived today, the Nets rematch against the Bucks, only to find out that Middleton is a loser again.The game was the last meeting between the two sides this season.The nets lost to the Bucks in the season opener and lost to the Bucks in the next meeting without Irving.But in the third meeting of the two teams, the Nets put the game back, with Irving scoring 38 points.Now in their fourth meeting of the season, the Nets needed a win to complete their regular-season tie with the Bucks at 2-2 and save the tiebreaker for the playoffs.But if the Nets lose and the bucks triple kill them this season, they won’t want to.But there was an incident in the fourth quarter, when Milwaukee’s Khris Middleton pulled down The Nets’ Kwame Brown with a foul at 5:05. It was a dirty play.It was largely due to the fact that antetokounmpo was heavily guarded by Draymond on the play, and when Brown came in for a steal and was about to dunk, Middleton went straight through the air and tugged at Brown’s arm as he got up!This is a very dirty move, you deliberately pull the arm of the other person has taken off, pull brown directly off balance, the whole body fell to the ground, he did not even have a chance to rush the ball, so the ball must be aimed at someone.Middleton was very apologetic after the foul, rushing to apologize to Brown, who was about to shoot him, but resisted, and the Nets’ bench was all excited about rushing to the court.”It’s not the first time you’ve done it. It’s unnecessary,” Su said.Subsequently Su Qun also specially emphasized: “this ball is very likely to be two malicious foul direct expulsion.”As expected, the referee did not say anything, but Su Qun also gave a sharp statement: “this ball even if expelled you, there is nothing to say.”Middleton’s mentality was ruined by the Nets, as he shot 4-of-12 from the field, made 2-of-7 from 3-point range and finished with 16 points, nine rebounds and four assists in 30 minutes of playing time, with four turnovers and four fouls.And after the serious foul, the Bucks were in a bad state of mind, and then Durant’s death came, and then Irving dunked durant’s alley-oop. The Nets went on a 108-99 run with a 16-3 spurt, and the nets led the Bucks by nine points in the last 3:52. Since Irving returned,They’ll probably have to pull off a double play over the championship Bucks.

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