Rural revitalization can be “wei”!Clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains!

In 2021, Dawei Rural Industry Integration Development Demonstration Park ranked first in the province in the third batch of national rural Industry integration Development Demonstration Park creation list jointly released by the National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries and commissions.With innovative development, integrated development and green development as the main line, the demonstration park promotes agricultural and rural modernization with high standards, high standards and high quality.It will be built into a national demonstration park for integrated development of rural industries with expanded agricultural functions, integrating agriculture, science and technology, culture and tourism, and improving production, living and ecology.Behind this honor, there are countless dawei people’s efforts and sweat.In today’s dawei Kewei, we invite Jia Xiande, the representative of dawei village and the head of Diaoyutai Farm, to share with us the story of Dawei Farm.Jia Xianjun grew up in Hefei and worked in the clothing business in Guangzhou for more than 10 years. He returned to Dawei Town in Baohe District in 2016 and started a new life as a farmer.According to Jia Xianjun, among the thousands of farmers in Dawei town, except for a few local farmers, most of them are new farmers like him.Talking about why he returned to his hometown to work as a farmer, Jia Xianjun said that in recent years, the country has put forward the loud slogan of “lucid waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains”. People all over the country are working hard for this goal and making efforts to build their own ecological and green homes. He also has the confidence and ability to make a small contribution to this goal.Although living outside for more than ten years, Jia Xianjun’s heart has been very nostalgic for the hometown of every tree and grass.Back at Meili Dawei, Jia Xianjun joined the army of grape planting first, just like most local farmers.Despite his lack of experience in grape farming, Jia’s hard work soon paid off with the help of the local government.In recent years, dawei town government organizes local farmers to go to advanced areas around the country every year to learn advanced experience in orchard planting management.In addition, the local government will patiently pay attention to and help farmers when they encounter difficulties in management, funds, sales and other aspects.Jia xianjun’s experience is just a microcosm of thousands of Dawei farmers.Just because of this, a small grape can be transformed from a simple fruit into hefei “citizen’s happy fruit”, Dawei “people’s rich fruit”.As the earliest township in Anhui province to develop rural tourism, Dawei Town has always adhered to the green industry model with “grape” as the core, integrating characteristic agriculture, cultural tourism, environmental and cultural construction, becoming the experimental field and model of agricultural tourism in the whole city and even the whole province.Jia xianjun says one of the biggest gains from returning to the countryside is that he has learned more about the happiness of “living in the moment”.Now in Jia Xianjun’s garden, in addition to the famous Dawei grape, there are also dozens of melons, fruits and vegetables, and other recreational facilities such as fishing and picking.In addition to providing more citizens with green and healthy delicious food, Jia Xianjun and his family enjoy every day full of sunshine.The key to rural revitalization lies in people. I hope that all these new dawei farmers who pursue something will grow “super sweet” grapes and live a sweeter life.Rural revitalization can be “wei”!Hefei traffic broadcast over

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