The village in Hong Kong will have to undergo five mandatory nucleic acid tests

On the third day of the year of the Tiger, residents of this village in Hong Kong suddenly received the following notice: Please note that due to the recent confirmed case of a resident of Ze Sing Building in Tian Ze Estate, all residents are required to go to the community testing center for five mandatory check-up on the following date.(1) February 3, 2022;(2) February 4, 2022;(3) February 5, 2022;(4) 6 February 2022;(5) 9 February 2022;The nearest sampling centre is as follows: Tin Shui Sports Centre, Tin Shui Wai hours: 8am to 8pm.Notice the scene shows a large number of people waiting in line for nucleic acid, some neighbors said that the New Year big head encountered such a situation, looking at so many people in line, it is not good, but in order to clear the zero as soon as possible to resume normal work and life, we should support this work.In 2021, it is reported that customs clearance can be completed in December, which is limited to parts of Guangdong.Now there are new cases.According to the local zero clearance plan, if there is no customs clearance for 2 consecutive years, the time may be extended.The local nucleic acid test site, however, has a great impact on people who work in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.Mr Cheung, originally from Panyu, said he immigrated to Hong Kong in 2000 through Hong Kong.Since my family is still living in Panyu, I go to Hong Kong and Guangzhou every vacation.I want to live with my family in Hong Kong as soon as the opportunity matures.However, with the outbreak of COVID-19, the opportunity to run at both ends of the road has turned into the fact that I have not visited my family for three years this year.Mr. Zhang also said he works as a tour guide, and that his family has little hope of moving to Hong Kong if the global epidemic does not end.

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