Visit Zhang Yangguo and live in a mansion, the whole house spread real wood floor, decoration is too luxurious

Mention zhang Yangguo’s name, I believe that we are relatively strange, but she is a generation of childhood memories.She met Buckley on the show, got married, and now has a child of her own.She is in the Chinese fir came in the role of feng’s big miss role, the husband in the drama is also her husband now, because of the play of the entertainment circle star has a lot of affinity, they are also one of them.In the entertainment industry struggle for many years, they have a certain amount of wealth accumulation, have their own small family, life is very happy.Zhang Yangguo and what the family decorates a style to uphold is contracted wind, what can appear a few Day fastens is small pure and fresh decorate a style.After having a child, the furniture in the home will be more complicated, because of taking into account the work, so their home will appear a few messy situations.Decorate in the family deserve to act the role of and match color to go up, zhang Yangguo and 100 keli follow is follow one’s inclinationistic style.The decoration style of the living room is adhering to the simple wind light color floor, with stylish carpet, giving people a warm feeling.There will be some stylish furniture in their homes, rich in warmth while also increasing the atmosphere of a lot of families.Place the table with contracted white tonal on the side, have the place that accords with photograph with the match color of wall.The overall look is simple, but do not lose style, Zhang Yangguo in the choice of family, basic also fade out of the entertainment circle these years, and there is no scandal.As hosts, Zhang yangguo and Bacili have seen too much of the world, which has led to their different views on style.Decorate style and geographical position in mensal choice, differ with other family, neither depend on photograph with sitting room, also do not have specific area, the match color that whole chooses is light color is tonal, put the book that a few oneself like above, design this kind of cabinet in such a place, have certain sense.In life, Zhang Yangguo is also a person who likes to create art. There is an independent art creation area in her home, which is her own private space.From her on social software bask in the photo, you can see she also has the very strong breakthrough in the field of art and original ideas, Zhang Yangguo and family decorate a style belongs to the whole in a particular place to have a specific decorate a style, neither option too multifarious furniture and adornment, also does not have some fancy accessories, match the color of the follow is also sweet style.On the visual effect presentation, neither achieved dry flat disharmonious effect, but full of the whole family atmosphere.In zhang Yangguo and the home of 100 keli, still can appear a few small and pure and fresh decorate a pattern, in such a corner, those who choose is not traditional French window, French window is more popular on contemporary decorate a style.But in his home, did not appear such decorate style choice, it is rich of primitive simplicity smell instead, decorate the frame of ancient wood color that style tie-in dark fastens, give a person a kind of feeling restoring ancient ways.From her window, the view of the mansion outside is very good location, planting some of their favorite green plants, to help the view.The curtain that uses here differs at Chinese style the orderly manner, also differ at Ou shi opulent, follow their small pure and fresh style however.In the position of the bedside table also put a family photo, full of warmth.There is also a sitting platform in the window.It’s a good place to enjoy the outside scenery.The bedroom decorates a style to be able to bring sweet feeling to the person such, have certain help to improving morpheus quality.I wish them better and better in their future life and a breakthrough of their own in work.

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