Would you save me if THERE were no children?Of course it will. My first wife

# Book shortage recommendation # Recently, many small friends with xiaobian joke that do not know what to read good books, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as a veteran fan xiaobian also feel this experience, so today I will continue to introduce good novels to everyone, let book fans addicted to reading friends do not sleep!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!If THERE were no children, would you save me?Of course, my original wife first book: “Finch Fairy Bridge” by: Squeaks Introduction: My husband wants to rebel, what should I do?Xiahou Yu felt that since she and Xiaohuan are political marriage, it is their own politics, each take what he needs, maintain the surface of music and harmony.Can not think of, the moment of life and death, Xiaohuan has left her vitality……Return to build an 3 years, Xiahou yu cannot help but curiously look at newly married husband Xiao Huan.This look does not matter, but put himself into the pit…Guide into the pit: After xiao Huan came home, he just kissed her face with a smile, touched her stomach and asked her: “is our baby good today?”Xiahou Yu is not used to such intimacy, red face nodded.Xiao Huan ha ha ground laugh, ask Xiahou yu: “the female history say best want to read a book to the baby, what book did you prepare for him?Let me have a look.I’ll read a few pages.””It’s the Book of Songs.”Xiahou Yu said with a smile, “I heard that my mother read it to me and Adhi when she was pregnant.But you see, neither of us is much wiser.”Xiao Huan reverently pondered a way: “however both grow very beautiful!””Nonsense!Xiahou Yu blushed even more, “Do you mean that we are beyond gold and jade?”They joked with each other.Xiahou Yu felt very happy.For the next few days, the two of them talked and laughed. The atmosphere was good, and even the people around them had smiles on their faces.Xiahou Yu nest in the big hidden sac listening to Xiaohuan read the book of Songs to the children.Zheng Shao and Zheng more two brothers but red eyes burst in.”Brother, what is it?”Zheng Shao indignant tunnel, “Why does the emperor want you back to Jiankang?Do you want Lu Yang to be appointed governor of Yangzhou?””What?!”Xiahou Yu was surprised and suddenly sat up.’Be careful!Xiao Huan busily stepped forward to help her, then turn head to stare zheng much and Zheng little one eye.Zheng more and Zheng Less this knowledge after the realization of the original Xiahou Yu did not know this matter.But since this matter has been exposed, it is impossible to deceive Xiahou Yu.Xiaohuan poured a cup of tea to feed to the mouth of Xiahou Yu, warm voice way: “you don’t worry, officials rise tone is often the thing, I know, you don’t for this little thing surprised the child.”(click below to read for free) the second: “warm jade fragrance” author: Mu Nanzhi Introduction: the past three girls of the Lu, everyone is good, good luck, otherwise it is impossible to bad reputation also married.Can be reborn after the land three girls just want to say, past life she must be blind, just like that let her family ruin the man.So, this world, she wants to break his career, ruin his future, but, that who, can you stand away, you are in my way of revenge.Into the pit guide: Lu Yun warm turn around, do not go forward, along the way to go back.However, as he raised his feet, he heard a voice behind him: “Thanks for that day, Miss Lu.”Lu Yunnuan stopped, she knew Meng Qingya said that day she saved him: “Your Highness has not already to thank you?”She was referring to the Xue family information that popped up on her desk later, which she read but didn’t lead to anything useful.But this also just shows that Xue Fu is not simple.Although she did not know how Meng Qingya know, but, this does not hinder her, also not afraid of Meng Qingya said out.After all, he wouldn’t have given her those things if he had.Meng Qingya frown.It’s so clear!”Is there anything else for your Highness?”Meng Qingya looked up at her, suddenly some irritated: “Why should miss Lu xue?”Lu Yunnuan frankly said: “If I say because of a dream, your highness believe?”Meng Qingya first feeling is not believe.Because a dream is aimed at the family, this person is not a fool.However, when he saw the clarity of her fundus, but some of the unknown believe, and more importantly, he sent people to check, before this, Lu Lu Yunnuan and Xue Zicheng did not have any relationship, even did not see the face.”Are you really a lu girl?””It’s true.”Lu Yun warm tone is light.Meng Qingya but in this light tone heard a little do not care.In the heart slightly sink, inexplicable some angry.Lu Yunwarm also did not think he would believe, again directed at his blessing body, turned to leave.Wood Hugh looked at Lu Yun warm back, scratched his head and asked: “Master, this girl is not stupid?”His words fell, was Meng Qingya stare.(Click below to read for free) The third book: Beauty like Jade: A Wonderful Lady by: Mi Ni ‘er Introduction: A trip, the fate of the arrangement allows her to cross thousands of years back to that unforgettable past.Under the pear tree all over the sky, he was as beautiful as banished fairy and hugged her gently from behind, his voice with a trace of prayer.”Such as Yan, this life, next life, generation after generation, you don’t leave me good?”He peered at her with a spoiled smile on her flawless face.”Yan son, never which woman can let me so crazy, you did, but also so thoroughly, I love you, so, I must put you firmly imprisoned in my side.”Guide to the pit: Lin Sichen’s star eyes calmly looked at the yao Pool water slowly flowing through the eyes.”Ruyan, do you know?I lost my mother when I was eight.My father loved my mother very much and never married again. My father and I lived together for ten long years. When I was young, I was a motherless person, and I often envied others who had a complete family and complete love.I kept lying to myself, my mother, she was only temporarily away from us, and one day she would come back to me and dad, but I waited day after day, year after year, and she never showed up again.I just know, she really left us, she lay still and quiet, she will not care about us any more.Ruyan, my life was like a dark cloud at that time, until I met you, I felt that the world has such a beautiful you accompany me, I am very happy, very happy.Ruyan, no matter what happens in the future, don’t leave me, ok?”His voice is pharyngeal, again contain thick change not to open deep feeling, still have a filar silk of hope, beseeching.After listening to the true feelings of his heart, Such as Yan heart across the full distressed.He is a poor child who yearned for love but could not have it since childhood. In the future, she should accompany him in his life.”Si Chen, I will not leave you, I will accompany you by your side, even I will use more love to make up for the love you lost before.””Such as Yan” Lin Sichen moved long arm will pull her into the arms, let her steady fall on his body, only so he felt she is real existence.(Click below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. What would you like to say to the editor?Comment in the comments section below the end of this article, xiaobian can see oh, look forward to your comments.I am not a gold digger like this?No, you’re rich enough to heal your broken heart

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