A scenic spot in Lu ‘an, Anhui province, known as “Little Huangshan”, is worth a visit

Anhui province is one of the most tourist-rich provinces in China, home to mount Jiuhua, one of China’s four Great Buddhist-rich mountains; huangshan, a fairyland on earth; and xidi Hong Village, a thousand-year-old town.When it comes to Huangshan mountain in Anhui Province, many people will think of the classic guest welcoming pine, but do you know?In fact, there is also a very low-key scenic spot in Lu ‘an City, Anhui Province, which is called Anhui Little Huangshan by the local people. The scenery there is also very beautiful and there are not many tourists in the off-season and peak season.There are many tourists in scenic spots with beautiful scenery at any time. Now some people do not like to go to places with many people, so they will go to some special scenic spots. These scenic spots are generally beautiful, but tourists are scarce due to the lack of publicity.Today we introduce the east Stalagmite scenic area of Lu ‘an City, Anhui Province, must be many people have not heard of it, but the scenery here is really good, picturesque throughout the year, not only that, there are mountains and water and trees here.Entered the attractions you will find the scenery is not evenly distributed, all give a person a kind of attraction crisscrossed and mixed feeling, mysterious and beautiful, there are many beautiful small wildflowers weeds, and towering peaks, the shape of the stone is also very unique, in addition to no signature of the scenery here is no less huangshan welcoming pine.There are many streams in the scenic area, and there are many boulders around the stream. Climbing to the highest peak of the scenic area along the mountain road will give you a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery.If there is a fog in the weather feel like an immortal in the mountain, and there is a large bamboo forest, when the wind comes to listen to the leaves bamboo leaves rustling sound is very wonderful.There is also a stone bridge over which the water flows, but I don’t mind if you pass by, because this is a cliff bridge, it is very slippery, if you accidentally slip and fall into the bottom of the stream.Although the stream looks clear to the bottom, but in fact is relatively deep, for their own safety, we can watch from afar.If you want to visit here might as well with a few friends, if in the summer, you can bring some mosquito repellent water, after all, there may be some mosquitoes here is the mountain, girls like to take pictures can also come here to take beautiful scenery photos.You are the most beautiful girl in the whole scenic area wearing the ancient Hanfu, where there are endless green trees quiet bamboo forest, in addition to you can also see some quite ancient various corridors, and even some of the inn that can be seen in the TV series.And the price of Anhui Lu ‘an city is not high, to visit here can also spend a lot of money.

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