Do new energy cars really save money?After driving a pure electric car for five years, the owner joked about three pain points

Car coming improve the efficiency of our travel, changed the way we live, along with the social development, people have a much higher economic level, more and more families to join in a car, now, China formally entered the car popularization era, but with the popularity of car fuel, exhaust air quality influence.Therefore, new energy has been developed, and now most areas begin to advocate energy saving and emission reduction, green travel policies, most car companies are also actively responding to the call to develop their own new energy vehicles, and now buy new energy vehicles can also enjoy the purchase tax policy, so as to improve the enthusiasm of consumers to buy new energy vehicles.As we all know, fuel prices are rising now, thus improving the cost of car maintenance, and new energy vehicles do not need fuel, just need to charge, in the eyes of most consumers, new energy vehicles save a lot of car maintenance costs, so, do new energy vehicles really save money?After 5 years of driving pure electric cars, the owner of the three major pain points, the following understand.One, the last question the owner had left five years new energy cars, but the owners want to throw down three big disadvantages of new energy vehicles, first, the new energy vehicles at the time of high speed power consumption is very large, especially when driving on the highway, the speed of 100 km/h, power consumption is about twice that of the urban road power consumption.Second, when the warm wind power consumption, under normal circumstances, open the warm wind power consumption in an hour of about 1.5-3 degrees, which has a great relationship with new energy vehicle models, environmental temperature, and fuel cars in the open warm wind but almost no fuel consumption, because the fuel car warm wind is blowing engine heat.Third, the range of new energy vehicles in winter is greatly discounted. The range at normal temperature is about 500 kilometers, but after winter, the range is reduced to about 300 kilometers. The lower the temperature, the lower the range of new energy vehicles.Second, the charging problem in addition, new energy automobile charging is difficult, now most of the new energy vehicles need special charging pile, but in a small city, apply mutatis mutandis to charge less, many village no charging pile, in addition, new energy vehicles recharged need 4 or 5 hours or so, and the fuel car is more convenient, gas station can be seen everywhere,And it only takes about five or six minutes to fill up a tank.Three, low resale value of new energy vehicles in resale value is very low, and a lot of second-hand dealer can’t accept pure cars-and worry about pure electric used-car nobody wants, as is known to all, the most valuable part of new energy vehicles is the battery pack, if the battery is reduced, the new energy vehicles will need to replace the battery pack, and the cost of the battery pack is very high,The warranty rate of new energy vehicles dropped almost in a straight line after three years.Finally, we sum economy, now the biggest advantage of new energy vehicles should be economy, new energy vehicles hundreds of kilometers of electricity in 15 degrees or so, and once electricity price is 0.6 yuan, the new energy automotive hundred kilometers fees in 9 yuan, 1 km to the equivalent of 0.1 yuan, it save for fuel cars,The above three problems hinder the popularity of new energy vehicles. In order to improve the popularity of new energy vehicles, it is necessary to solve the problems of charging and battery life.

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