Flag bearer carry tripod!Gao Tingyu won the first gold medal in the history of Chinese men’s speed skating in the Winter Olympics

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, February 12 (reporters Yue Ranran, He Leijing, Li Dian)Like flying, like lightning, this is a moment to create Chinese speed skating history!Gao Tingyu (l) of China competes in the men’s 500m speed skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 12, 2008.Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Fei took 34 seconds 32, broke the Olympic record, Gao Tingyu world war ONE shock, “ice flying man” deserved!Gao Tingyu, China’s flag-bearer for the Winter Olympics and third place finalist at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, crossed the finish line like a red and black lightning bolt on Sunday afternoon to win the men’s 500-meter speed skating race at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the first Chinese men’s speed skating gold medal at the Winter Olympics.Gao Tingyu of China celebrates after a match in Beijing, Feb 12, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Ding Xu, “This is the heaviest weight of the Chinese sports delegation a gold medal!It’s like winning the 100-meter race in track and field!”Luo Zhihuan, 80, who won China’s first world speed skating championship in 1963, shed tears after watching the event.”Gao uses a fantastic performance to win a historic gold medal in men’s speed skating 500m for China.”The INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation’s social media accounts applauded Gao in the first place.The men’s 500-meter speed skating race started at the National Speed Skating Stadium ice Ribbon on Saturday afternoon.This is one of the most competitive events in speed skating, similar to the “100-meter battle” in track and field.Gao tingyu started in group 7 with Poland’s Jurek.Gunshots, Gao Tingyu strive to pedal ice, such as the arrow from the string fly out.In the first 100 meters, he clocked 9.42 seconds and the crowd roared.Turning arc, on the way to slide, Gao Tingyu calmly maintain their own rhythm, Rurek away from him more and more.In the final 100 meters, Gao raced to finish in 34.32, 0.09 seconds, setting a new Olympic record.Gao Tingyu of China competes in the competition on February 12.Gao Tingyu did not smile as he crossed the finish line.”I wasn’t so excited after the result came out. How could I beat the record? I expected it would take about 34.1 seconds before the race,” Gao said after the race.Although the ambition was not fully realized, Gao tingyu’s performance was excellent enough.None of the seven groups from the start outperformed him, and China was assured of a bronze medal.The final group will be Canadian Dubreuil and Japan’s Ritsuya Shinhama, whose results will determine the color of Gao’s medal.In 35.12 seconds and 34.52 seconds, niyamatsuya and Dubreuil’s times were frozen on the big screen, and the audience applauded.Cha Min-kyu of South Korea and Shigehiro Mori of Japan won the silver and bronze MEDALS.Champion Gao Tingyu of China jumps to the podium during the medal presentation ceremony on Feb. 12.”Speed skating is like track and field. There are so many gold MEDALS. I’ve made a start.Gao Tingyu sent his best wishes.Gao tingyu gestured “Number one” and grinned.He held up the five-star red flag around the auditorium and shouted to the audience, expressing his passion.”I love you China, dear mother…”Music played, bright Chinese red on the “ice ribbon” fluttering.Gao Tingyu of China celebrates after a match in Beijing, Feb 12, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jianwei photo source: Huanqiu integrated Xinhua News Agency

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