From January to February, the total value of imports and exports at Horgos port increased by 7.9% year-on-year

According to the statistics of Horgos Customs, the import and export volume of Horgos port from January to February this year was 5.788 million tons, the total value of import and export was 40.28 billion yuan, up 7.9% year on year.In terms of commodity types, the import commodities of Horgos port in the first two months are mainly unwrought copper and copper materials, agricultural products and food, while the export commodities are mechanical and electrical products, textile yarns, fabrics and their products, etc. The export trade volume of mechanical and electrical products and textile and clothing shows an increasing trend.Huoerguos gold hundred million international trade (group) co., LTD. General manager Yu Chengzhong said: “this year 1 to 2 months we export goods yard called naan, department stores, nearly 2.4 million tons, fruit and vegetable trade amounted to $300 million, these goods are mainly exported to the five central Asian countries and Russia, this year we freight yard is expected to export 12 million tons of cargo, trade volume will reach 1.5 billion dollars.”To further facilitate customs clearance, The Khorgos railway port took the lead in completing automatic verification and cancellation tests for export transit trains, the first inbound express train and the first “quasi-rail to broad rail” train, simplifying customs clearance procedures and improving the transit efficiency of import and export goods carried by domestic freight trains.On the basis of comprehensive evaluation of the operation results of multiple customs clearance modes such as “swing and hang + reverse short” and “boundary bridge handover”, the highway port re-optimizes the overall customs clearance process of export goods, and jointly explores the new customs clearance mode of “steel structure container lifting” with enterprises, which will be officially implemented on August 29, 2021.Huoerguos customs supervision division deputy section chief forget art said: “we should make full use of its advantages in echelon personnel stationed in a line, close coordination with the port joint inspection unit, actively optimize overall customs clearance of goods process, using ‘container lifting steel structure’ JieQiao handover and other customs declaration mode, guarantee the goods smooth customs clearance efficiency.”(Li Ming, Correspondent)

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