“Good Start” “Steady Door” project construction | With the momentum of battle, press the “fast forward button”

Editor’s note: Early spring is a good time for prosperity.Since this year, Chenzhou economic opening area to grasp the project, strong industry, excellent service, the first quarter to achieve a successful “good start” “stable door”.Rednet has launched a series of reports from time to time, looking at the struggle and attitude of Chenzhou economic development zone from a multi-dimensional perspective, as well as the economic development “confidence” shown in promoting the high-quality economic and social development of Chenzhou.Rednet moment reporter Zhou Lei Correspondent Lei Yifan Chenzhou reported intelligent manufacturing industry gathering area in Chenzhou changchong Science and Technology Industrial Park project construction site.When the lights come on, chenzhou intelligent manufacturing industry gathering area changchong Science and Technology Industrial Park is still bustling and brightly lit, workers are busy construction.The project of Changchong Science and technology Industrial Park is the key industrial project of chenzhou. The construction work of earthwork leveling is being carried out now. After completion, 12 factories and 1 R&D building will be built, providing strong project support for investment attraction of Chenzhou economic development zone.Not far from China Resources 39 project construction base, construction is in full bloom.The project is a key industrial project in Hunan Province. After its completion, the annual processing capacity of medicinal materials will reach 57,000 tons and more than 480 people will be employed.At present, 47.83% of the annual planned investment has been completed. The plant decoration is expected to be completed in July and trial production will start in October.Looking at the whole park, Chenzhou economic and economic development zone projects, construction non-stop, fully showing the impact of this “100 billion park” full of momentum and vitality.For a long time, Chenzhou economic development zone firmly set up the “project as king” guide, accelerate the construction of key projects.In 2022, 112 key projects will be built or expanded, with a total investment of 63.113 billion yuan and a total annual investment of 21.809 billion yuan.Among them, 11 provincial and municipal key projects are included, with an annual planned investment of 2.15 billion yuan.The project is set, Chenzhou economic development zone to promote the construction of the project to “accelerate the take-off”, in order to strengthen the “start of the comprehensive construction, the start of the work must not be blocked, the start of the work must be completed as soon as possible” consciousness, this year, the provincial and municipal key construction projects completed investment of 838 million yuan, the completion of the annual planned investment 35.66%.”It only took two months to complete the decoration, and the main part of the project is basically finished, and the pilot production phase will start in July.Seven production lines will be opened, with an estimated annual output of 300 million yuan.”Hunan rich chuangwei new material Co., LTD. Principal Luo Shuangxi introduced.The project construction has received strong support in Chenzhou Economic development Zone. The land listing of Oriental Yuhong project will be started within 2 months, and it will be completed within 100 days after delisting. It is expected that part of the production line will be put into operation within this year.Set the project, build the project, Chenzhou economic zone also concentrated efforts to protect the project.Since this year, 31,864 million yuan has been invested and 322.1 mu of land has been approved.Vigorously promoted the “removal of cages and replacement of birds”, closed down 3 inefficient enterprises, revitalized 12,400 square meters of standard factory buildings, and disposed of 156.3 mu of land approved but not provided.We strengthened cooperation between the government, enterprises and banks, and focused on solving financing problems for enterprises. A total of 124 million yuan of loans were obtained for enterprises in the park.

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