Introduction to the University of Western Australia

University of Western Australia as a member of the group planning to study abroad in Australia, you undoubtedly want to know a lot about the university of Western Australia and other eight major universities in Australia:Our teacher Xiaodan will provide you with the top eight Universities in Australia, guide guide for application, analysis of technical majors, new school policies and other aspects to help you get your dream school!A lot of news and information, please pay attention to zhou Xiaodan official website or contact Xing Xuejiao at 177 1031 1719.University of Western Australia (UWA) The University of Western Australia (UWA) the University of Western Australia (UWA)The University of Western Australia (UWA) was founded in 1911 and is located in Perth, Urumqi, Western Australia.In Australia, it is classified as one of the 6 sandstone universities.Since its establishment, the University of Western Australia has been one of Australia’s most historic, symbolic and effective research universities, ranking far ahead of many authoritative Australian universities.At the same time, he is also a member of the Group of Eight Universities in Australia, the World University Alliance (WUN) and the Pleiadian University Alliance (MNU).Uwa is located in Western Australia, a struggling state with only 11% of the population of Australia, but it has created and supported nearly 50% of the economic development of Australia. Its bishop School District, which covers an area of 65 acres, is only 5 kilometers away from downtown Perth.The University of Western Australia is also one of the more high-quality five-star universities in Australia.The 2004 Ranking of All Australian Universities gives the university of Western Australia a five-star maximum rating for its reputation, scientific research standards, faculty and graduate satisfaction rate.In addition, technical majors such as English Language expression and literature, history and time, lexicology, engineering projects – civil engineering and Structure, agriculture, Animal husbandry and Forestry and Fruit industry, biotechnology, medicine, law and regulations are also ranked in the global top 100.Engineering buildings designed in the style of the Roman Empire are located in the homelike school.The University consists of schools of Engineering and Architecture, Horticulture and Visual Arts, Literature, Academy of People and Social Sciences, International Business School, School of Engineering, Computer science and Mathematical Thinking, Department of Law, Institute of Life and Physics, Institute of Medicine, Dentistry and Physical and Mental Health, Institute of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, and Institute of Natural Sciences.The University of Western Australia is located in Perth, Western Australia. Perth is located in latitude 31 degrees 52 minutes 48 seconds south and longitude 115 degrees 52 minutes 58 seconds.With a total area of 5,386 square kilometers, Western Australia accounts for one third of the total area of all parts of China.Because of its location, there is no time difference between Perth and Beijing, China.There is a two-hour lag between it and the eastern part of Australia, where most of the population is concentrated.Perth covers an area of 5,386 square kilometers.Perth is urumqi in Western Australia and the fourth largest city in Australia.According to the Australian Audit Office, Perth Metropolitan Area has a population of 202 tens of thousands (2014), making it the fourth largest city in Australia, with a total population higher than the average of national data.Because it is located in the eastern coast of the Australian outback in the Mediterranean climate region, the soft climate and the unique scenery along the White Swan River area, so that Perth has become a very popular tourist destination.With spacious indoor living space and high quality of daily life, Perth is far ahead of the world’s best settled city in a year, which reflects that Perth is an excellent city in terms of settled natural environment, daily life quality and social security system.The friendly attitude of Perth people is recognized by the world. In 2003, Perth was awarded the title of “World Sister City”, which was praised and recognized by the world.Perth ranked 16th in Forbes’ 2014 list of the world’s most prestigious cities.Perth has a Baltic climate with cold, wet winters and long, hot summers.The heat of summer is brought by the heat from the desert in the east, but within a few hours, there will be a cool sea breeze blowing from the southeast. Because the warm wind blows at night, and the cold wind blows at noon, Perth becomes one of the windy and rainy cities in Australia.Summer lasts from December to February, March to May in autumn, June to August in winter, and September to November in spring.University of Western Australia Academic Research Overall Strength Award:2009, Professor Barry Marshall,The Winner of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicineresearch Centre: International Mining for Development Centre (IM4DC);Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET);Centre for Mining Energy and Natural Resources Law (CMENRL);Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems (COFS);Co-operative Education for Enterprise Development (CEED);perth usasia centre;National geosequestration laboratory (NGL);Australian Centre for Geomechanics (ACG);centre for regional development;centre for sleep science;centre for rock-art research and management;centre for the built environment and health;centre for the study of social change;Centre for Social Impact (CSI);centre for marine futures;centre for land rehabilitation;Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy (CEEP);Accelerated learning laboratory (all @ uaw trust);pawsey centre;centre for safety;west australian biogeochemistry centre;International centre (iec);Western Australian Energy Research Alliance (WA: ERA);National Resource Sciences Precinct (NRSP);Centre for microscopy Characterisation and analysis (CMCA);centre for energy geoscience;centre for energy;the uwa institute of agriculture;the uwa oceans institute;the uwa oceans institute;centre for asthma, allergy and respiratory research;centre for cell therapy and regenerative medicine;centre for clinical research in neuropsychiatry;Centre for Comparative Analysis of Biomolecular Networks (Cabin);centre for environmental economics and policy;centre for neonatal research and education;centre for neuromuscular and neurological disorders;centre for offshore foundation systems;centre for ophthalmology and visual science;centre for energy geoscience;centre for rock art research and management;international research collaborative oral health and equity;centre for the built environment and health;ear sciences centre;international centre for plant breeding education;marshall centre for infectious diseases research and training;uwa centre for child health research;uwa centre for medical research;uwa centre for medieval and early modern studies;west australian biogeochemistry centre;University of Western Australia Near transport Travel Perth Airport University of Western Australia part-time work Overseas students are not allowed to take part-time work until the course content is available.During the school year, work hours should not exceed 40 hours every two weeks;There are no restrictions on working hours outside the school year (holidays, summer holidays).Yes, volunteer work and unpaid work will not be limited to 40 hours per fortnight.If the student is 574 visa to deal with holder, and already began graduate student (scientific research) and doctor graduate student study of the study and training, the working time is not limited, and in the light of having 574 visa to deal with holder but still read graduate student (scientific research) and doctor graduate student in advance preparation of course content study abroad personnel,Work hours should not exceed 40 hours every two weeks.Kim Beazley, a former opposition leader;Geoff Gallop, the current mayor of Western Australia;Yeo Cheow Tong, Head of Mental and Physical Health and Environmental Management, Malaysia;Singapore Mining Company CEOybhg Tan Sri Datuk Ibrahim Menudin;Professor Barry Marshall, 2005 Nobel Prize Winner in Biology or Medicine;As a member of the postgraduate study group in Australia, you will undoubtedly want to know a lot about the eight major universities in Australia, such as the University of Western Australia:Our teacher Xiaodan will provide you with the top eight Universities in Australia, guide guide for application, analysis of technical majors, new school policies and other aspects to help you get your dream school!A lot of detailed information warmly welcome micro chat ~ learn more

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