‘Nuclear reactor’ found in East Beijing

Ice and snow, let the world crazy whether it is a unique ignition design, “world group pet” ice pier pier, or exciting games all let people “crazy”.Along with the advancement of the game, everyone in addition to the increasingly rising enthusiasm for ice and snow sports, also have kindness each division and the beauty of the building and present a high-tech, and be mistaken for a “nuclear reactor” shougang big platform, the project USES shougang original four cooling tower and oxygen plant, such as upgrading industrial resources, build up a permanent big platform,It is a key project of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and a landmark construction project of the new Shougang Region.The concept of “sustainable” Olympic Games runs throughout.As a century-old Brand in Germany, Sto has been committed to the sustainability of architecture from a long time ago, such as this mountaineering photography exhibition located on the cliff side.In the 1960s, the installation of a ski lift on Clonplatz Hill ushered in the development of winter sports.At the end of 1986, the elevator and cable car station completed its mission.Now, more than 30 years later, a mountaineering photography gallery named “Light” has been built on the site of the cable car station 2,275 meters above sea level.The new compact 4-storey pavilion designed by local architect Gerhard Mahlknecht is a monolithic building.Every effort was made to preserve the original floor plan and steps, and to capture the essence of the original floor, a sweeping concrete floor was added to continue the pavilion’s route.The original structure was left largely untouched, but the architects reapplied colors to unify the interior and exterior.The large entrance, where the cable car used to arrive, was retained, both in size and proportion, to break the building’s inward-looking character and extend the exhibition area to the outside.By design, the hotel’s horizontal array of glass Windows and concrete structure cantilevered over the cliff, providing a stark contrast to the formal pavilion.-Last-Location Kronplatz 2,275 M A. S. L., StoTherm Classic!

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