The five Mountains refer to Huashan, Taishan, Hengshan, Hengshan and Songshan respectively

Xu Xiake said, “You can’t look at the mountains when you return from the Five Great mountains.” The five great mountains here refer to Huashan, Taishan, Hengshan, Hengshan and Songshan respectively.Second, Mount Tai, the Eastern yue, is located in Tai ‘an City, Shandong Province.Third, Hengshan Mountain, located in Hengyang, Hunan province;Fourth, Hengshan, the northern mountain, is located in Hunyuan County, Shanxi Province.Fifth, Songshan Mountain, located in Dengfeng City, Henan Province.Mount Huashan, located in Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, is the most western mountain among the five mountains. It is also a peak with high gold content. It is a national 5A scenic spot.Compared with the other four mountains of Mount Wuyue, Mount Huashan is characterized by one word — danger. “There has been a road on Mount Huashan since ancient times”, which describes the precipitous road of Mount Huashan. Meanwhile, the south peak of the main peak of Mount Huashan is 2,154.9 meters above sea level, which is also the highest mountain among the five Mountains.Steep west huashan mountain is in addition to the characteristics of steep, but there is a very important cultural connotation, which is the “China” is derived from huashan, so huashan referred to as “the root of huaxia”, according to the records of shanhaijing, in the spring and autumn period and the warring states period, has the name “huashan, therefore, huashan travel,In addition to such steep scenic spots as “Kite Turning over” and “Thousand-foot Building”, the Xiyue Temple built in the Han Dynasty, more than 20 Taoist temples, all kinds of stone carvings and other scenic spots and relics that embody Chinese civilization are also high-value scenic spots.Huashan on the top of the beautiful scenery of the second, mount tai, located in shandong province Tai’an City Tarzan is “yue” in the east of a high mountain, taishan mountain jade emperor peak elevation of 1532.7 meters, although it is not the highest of the five, but since the qin shi huang is due to mount tai, past dynasties emperor I or place of worship, has thirteen emperors in taishan, I sacrifice,In addition, 24 generations of emperors sent officials to offer sacrifices for 72 times, so in history, Mount Tai’s status is very high in the five mountains.Of course, for travelers, Mount Tai, as a national 5A-level scenic spot, is most important for its unique accessibility.As a world cultural and natural heritage project, Mount Tai has several special scenic wonders that should not be missed, among which the most famous are mount Tai’s sunrise, magnificent sunset glow, thousands of cliff carvings, and the overall mountain landscape is also magnificent and enjoyable.Third, ancient architectural complexes at the top of mount tai style mount hengshan, located in the hunan hengyang mount hengshan is located in the territory of hunan, is only 1300 meters, the highest elevation ZhuRongFeng but scenery resources is very good, so is also a national 5 a grade scenic spot, the naming of hengshan, originated from the warring states period “GanShiXing classics” records, because it is located in the constellation of twenty BaSu chiu wings of star,It looks like an ancient weighing instrument, which can “weigh heaven and earth”, so it was named Hengshan, which dare to call the world.Hengshan snow mountain is composed of numerous mountain peaks, the hengshan 72 peaks, never miss travelers were ZhuRongFeng, tianzhufeng, back to the wild goose peak, stone Lin feng, YueLuFeng, etc., the highest peak ZhuRongFeng represents the hengshan as “red emperor” ravaged by the cultural connotation, and capital and yuelu academy is the combination of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism mountains of Chinese culture,It is an important mountain range for understanding traditional Chinese culture.Hengshan yuelu academy in the capital city in the fourth, hen, hen muddy source is located in Shanxi Province county is one of the most north of the five peaks, muddy source county in shaanxi province, mount heng grand and steep, though less huashan and mount tai, but is not low altitude, the peak of its day occurs the altitude of 2016 meters, there is also a holy land of quanzhen sect.Heng heng day occurs cloud beiyue scenery are relatively less experience, so mount heng scenic spot is a national 5 a grade scenic spot, but mount heng’s position is very special, in the history of the Chinese border, in the mountains of mount heng, there are many famous pass, including, ping xing pass yanmenguan, zijingguan, etc., have always been mohican.Hengshan scenic area of tianfengling scenic area, cuiping peak scenic area, Qianfo Ling scenic area, hot spring scenic area, is not to be missed.Fifth, Songshan Mountain, located in Dengfeng City, Henan Province due to the Shaolin Temple, Songshan Mountain in the five yue reputation.It is known to all that Songshan consists of Taishi Mountain and Shaoshi Mountain. Its highest elevation reaches 1512 meters, ranking in the middle of the five mountains, but it is rich in cultural connotation and scenic resources, so it is listed as a national 5A scenic spot.Splendid of songshan ZhuFeng songshan is best known for its profound cultural connotation, the shaolin temple buildings, the eastern han dynasty three deficiency and YueMiao, song Yang academy, stargazing and so on historical and cultural buildings, is listed as world cultural heritage, cultural heritage and the shaolin temple stands for Buddhism, the YueMiao represents Taoist culture heritage, song Yang academy Confucianism represented by the cultural heritage,All are the focus of songshan tourism.Songshan shaolin temple at the foot of the west huashan, mount tai, mount hengshan, hen, middle yue yue, has a profound cultural heritage and excellent scenery, it would not have been so famous traveler xu xiake “return from five mountain” verse, this story has also been recognized by everyone, the focus of the wuyue mountains become domestic mountain scenic spot.

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