Happy!It’s snowing on Mingyue Mountain again

On February 19, Mingyueshan ushered in this year’s second snow snow snow is too beautiful ~ snow in the Mingyueshan picturesque beauty let a person enchanted the following we follow the small cloth lens together to see it ~△ February 19 real shot thousands of snowflakes drifting drifting and drifting write as beautiful and romantic!Still can come to snow moon mountain not only can ski ~ shuttle in romantic snow flying self is their own happiness in the world of snow mountains in winter every snow friends can do flying free dance, feel fast and furious is just some pictures in addition to skiing in the movie can also enjoy all clap taps how super natural fill plate blessing all good-looking!Friends, don’t wait to go to the Moon Mountain snow, skiing!Source: Yichun launched wechat official account Editor: Zhang Fang

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