How to choose the right school bag for your child

First of all, we should check whether the logo is complete. We should choose a regular store to buy a bag with complete logo. We should pay attention to whether the trademark, name, specifications, model, executive standard, manufacturer or dealer name and address as well as bag material label and other information are complete, while focusing on the appearance and workmanship of the backpack.In terms of workmanship, one is to pay attention to whether the support part of the back of the bag is soft and elastic buffer processing, there should be no pressure concentration of convex points (corners) parts;Second, check whether the buffer is filled on the whole strap in the support area and the whole bandwidth, and whether the strap can be adjusted uniformly and continuously with one hand;Thirdly, the bag strap should be wide enough. The wider shoulder strap can reduce the pressure caused by the bag on the shoulder and evenly distribute the weight of the bag.The fourth is whether the lift is convenient and comfortable to hold.Try to choose a bag with soft cushioning support on the back, and the backpack strap is wide and filled with cushioning material, so that the bag is more comfortable to carry, there will be no tenderness.In terms of appearance, one is to carefully check the appearance of the bag, the appearance should be full, natural arc, paste plain clothes, neat and clean;Second, the suture stitch is straight, the needle distance is consistent, and the suture is firm;Three parts should be bright no rust residual, no burr, no peeling phenomenon;Fourth, the material sample attached to the product should be completely consistent with the material of the main body of the package;Five is to try to pull the zipper smooth, no dislocation, no teeth;Six is whether the accessories are plain clothes, firm.In terms of fabric, the material should be light. In order to avoid the increase of students’ load, the bag should be as light as possible.The weight of the bag should not exceed 1kg and the total weight should not exceed 10% of the child’s body weight.Although some schoolbags on the market now look good, but all kinds of synthetic materials are not good for the body, for the sake of health, should choose good fabric.Another is the fabric to durable, canvas fabric bag although healthy and environmental protection, but without use, nylon fabric is relatively durable.In addition, the standard has clear requirements on the limit of harmful substances for bag surface and accessories. If a newly bought bag has a pungent smell, it is likely that the limit of harmful substances in the bag exceeds the limit, which will pose a great threat to children’s health.The size of a schoolbag is very important. When buying a schoolbag, try not to choose one that is wider than a child’s shoulder, but one that can hold books and stationery in a suitable size.Different sizes of bags are suitable for children of different ages. The area of the bag should not be more than 3/4 of the child’s back to prevent “bag does not fit”.Also, there should be more compartments inside the bag.If the schoolbag can be separated by more layers, it is undoubtedly a good guide for children. There are more layers and it is easy to classify, so that children can develop a good habit of storing and say goodbye to forgetting.If the back of the bag is not thick enough and the design is not scientific enough, all the weight of the bag will compress the spine and affect the growth and development of the child.To buy a bag must choose backpack, shoulder bag uneven stress, will cause spinal distortion.There are some hidden dangers in the safety of the pull pole schoolbag, and it will affect the curvature of the spine such as hunchback and collapse.Good schoolbag, according to the principle of ergonomic pressure free backplane, increase the shoulder area, scientific load reduction, at the same time the spine hollow design, so that the air circulation, heat conduction and ventilation, so that children will be really comfortable and healthy back.It is also best to choose a bag with a ring design, because this can make the weight of the bag balanced to all parts of the body, seismic load reduction.With a simple reflector tape, the child’s safety can be guaranteed.Now, safety reflective strip has been listed as one of the necessary items on the school bag by the state, when the child back this bag, whether in the early morning evening, or cloudy day rain, fog, can be shot within 100 meters of the red light for obvious reflection, so as to cause the driver and pedestrians high attention, let the child travel more safe.Bag is easy to get dirty, clean bag will also bring protection to children’s health, so, if the bag can be machine-washed, it is not only to reduce the burden for parents, but also a love for children.In addition, after consumer is bought, should ask for bill, retain shopping proof, so that the legitimate rights and interests that can safeguard oneself effectively when occurrence quality problem.

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