In the super salary again extreme, remember not to walk the old road of women’s football

The years are so sad. Evergrande, once the first team to bring Chinese football into the Golden era, is now the first team to hit the bottom of the Chinese Super League salary after guangzhou Team, with the annual salary of first-line main players capped at 600,000 RMB.Xu Genbao’s autobiography mentioned that in 1994 A A league started, shenhua set the salary standard for the third grade, the most high-end monthly salary of 2500 yuan, only Fan Zhiyi, liu Jun and others in the middle of 2000 yuan, Wu Chengying, Xie Hui and other young players at the lowest level of 1000 yuan, winning the main force of 3000 yuan, 500 yuan substitute.With the popularity of A and A, the salary of players soared, and the annual salary soon broke through six figures. At that time, The Chinese Football Association introduced the salary limit policy twice, but after all, the outstanding players were scarce, and all the teams did nothing to limit the salary.Evergrande took over in 2010 guangzhou team, quick yank players of his salary to a new level, and heavy penalties Evergrande handsomely, competition bonus system for “513”, namely the winning prize in 5 million, a draw 1 million, losing 3 million, later changed to “505”, in addition to more than three ball goal to double the victory, encourage players to enterprising, salary Evergrande international breakthrough must soon.Evergrande has won the Asian Champions league twice. The effect of the heavy award and heavy punishment system should not be underestimated. Under the heavy reward, there will be a brave man.In the whole Evergrande era, the most amazing match was the group match of the 2017 Asian Champions League. Evergrande was led by Chan Yuen Ting, the “bull ball” who later led The Chinese junior women’s football team, and Evergrande was defeated by three Brazilian shots, Including Goulart, Alan and Paulinho. How could Orient be a rival?Evergrande crushed the Orient 7-0, winning the game with the goal prize, a bonus of 24 million yuan!Imagine, 24 million, 240,000 pieces of red hundred dollar bills, scattered all over the stadium, 11 people to pick up, assuming one person 1 minute 10 pieces, 11 people 1 minute 110 pieces, 240,000 pieces, 11 people have to pick up 2,181 minutes, more than 36 hours, at least a day and a half!As a matter of fact, it is not difficult for Evergrande to win such a game. Moreover, with Brazilian foreign aid, it is like evergrande’s local players picking up money after Brazil’s three foreign guns, which is not too cool.Since then, Chinese Super League teams have followed suit. In the first two years, the U23 policy was launched, and U23 players were in rare supply, with no market price.But high bonuses, objectively to cause the damage to national team, and if the injury for the country, back to the club can’t type Chinese super afc champions, didn’t win the prize, the loss of the player himself, so the national team warm-up match, the players just don’t want to attendance, with injuries in succession as an excuse to avoid war, relations between national and international is out of control, the handsome international slacking under the soil to the class.In the era of Perrin, the national players refused to play in the East Asian Cup, and the national team strictly ordered that even if injured, they must report to the national team first, and the injury should be assessed by the national team doctor. As a result, the relationship between Perrin and the players broke down, and the preliminary group of the World Cup was in danger. In the era of Lippi, Lippi directly said that The Chinese national players lacked sense of responsibility and honor.Now guangzhou team will pay extremely low pressure, from an extreme to another extreme.After all, players eat youth, sports life is only ten years, the salary is higher than ordinary people should be, so hit back, great impact on the whole men’s football.However, due to the poor social image of Chinese men’s soccer, such a drastic pay cut will not arouse social sympathy for men’s soccer players.There is a saying in Guangdong: “Face is compared with earth, and frame is compared with oneself.” This means that “face is given by others, but face is lost by oneself.”In the Jin and Yuan era, they were poor, and now they are in the street. Everyone is stepping on their feet, and everyone is pushing against the wall. It serves them right.However, in any case, too low treatment is not conducive to the development of Chinese men’s football team — the simplest one is that the treatment for playing football is not high enough. Now, few parents are willing to let their children go to play football.Many years ago, I attended a football forum in China. All the guests talked about the game, but most of them were empty talk and lack of practical knowledge. The remarks of gao Hong, the former goalkeeper of Chinese women’s football team, aroused my great interest.At the time, Chinese women’s soccer was in deep trouble, and Gao said that despite its own problems, The Chinese soccer media had an unshirkable responsibility to promote women’s soccer.For a long time, the domestic media pattern for the propaganda of the women’s football, all is the “iron roses”, said only that the arduous struggle, ink and a spirit of devotion, falling down treatment way, the women’s draft report, all is how to practice on the court, a suit of water every day in mud from head to foot, in the end is all hurt, rough skin black, income is very low, but don’t complain don’t call tired, willingly,No regrets.In short, sell miserable sell bitter, moving heaven and earth.But the problem is, parents know that women’s football is like this, this kind of treatment, will anyone want to send their daughter to play?What kind of daughter is not precious?With no girls willing to play football, can the reserve force of Chinese women’s football team not be weak and the national team not be in a slump?So, at the beginning of the propaganda sonorous roses, the general direction was wrong, should be so propaganda: to play football, will enjoy a better life, will realize the value of life and dreams, not specifically to eat big suffering big labor!Therefore, the Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup this time, which was warmly welcomed by all sectors of society, and enterprises and local governments also awarded big prizes, which made a good start and greatly promoted the Chinese women’s football team.On the other hand, the men’s football team fell into the embarrassment of the women’s football team at the beginning, with low treatment, low attraction, and a bad social image.However, the low salary limit is not conducive to the development of Chinese football, which will form a vicious circle — worse and worse grades, lower and lower treatment, fewer and fewer children are willing to play football, so the level of further decline, further grades decline……Under the reward, there may not be a brave man, but the light of dedication without treatment, that Chinese football is certainly no play.Article | Liang Ximing edit | fat cat

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