Jiande “Zhejiang li Fu Fund” was officially launched, and the first condolence fund warmed 32 families in need

“Thank you so much for your concern and help.”Recently, live in jiande city Lijia alcalde Lin village liu old lady is very moved, Lijia town specially for her to send a pen of condolence gold and worship to her an early years.In 2021, she lost her labor force due to a serious illness. The expenses during the treatment period were relatively high, and it was difficult for her to make a living only by her son doing odd jobs outside.After being informed of the situation, Lijia town made use of townlevel public welfare funds to visit and comfort people in need of help in life like Old Lady Liu.It is understood that the “town-level public welfare fund” is set up to extensively gather wisdom to promote common prosperity and carry out multi-channel assistance to the disadvantaged groups.In January 2022, Jiande Red Cross Society and Lijia Town Chamber of Commerce took the lead in jointly setting up zhejiang And Li Gongfu Fund in the city. The fund sources are directed donations and other legitimate income from Local elites and caring people from all walks of life in Lijia. A total of 3 million yuan was injected into the fund.It is mainly used to help and assist families with difficulties due to etiology or major changes, supporting families with difficulties in line with agricultural industry development support policies, and families with difficulties in the development of other industries.According to statistics, since its establishment, the fund has disbursed its first condolence fund of 40,000 yuan, benefiting 32 poor families.”We will give full play to the role of the fund to help those who really need help, so that everyone will have a happy, peaceful and comfortable New Year.”Lijia town related person in charge of the way.

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