The emperor’s slave, Xie Erbao left the palace twice, can you come home smoothly?

Wild flowers are not planted every year, but they are born every day.Two treasures through the grass, lowly eunuch more trouble.The Xie Erbao that is fond of by parents does not touch yangchun water since childhood ten fingers, one accidentally arrived ancient times.My life how so bitter, father, mother, I ache!I don’t like ancient times. I don’t want to be a eunuch.”As a slave of the Emperor, it is a felony for you to escape from the palace privately.” Xie Erbao broke a set of cups and received 20 plates. After escaping from the palace, he was carried back and received another 80 plates.Arrived at the palace three months ago, was badly wounded.In order to steal half a day, he invited himself into the cold palace.But did not expect, in this sparsely populated place their own door not twice, one after another punished.Of course, Xie Erbao did not know the cause of his misfortune, because he had offended the emperor.The point is, this low-key, luxurious Feng, who looks so superior, says, “I don’t care about you.” What?I did not offend you, how you still pretend to be a broad and generous, why I always hurt.With limited medical treatment in ancient times, Xie erbao suffered a series of injuries and began to have a high fever.He went out into the courtyard and cried over a well, “I’m bleeding again. I’ve never suffered so much since I was a child, I’ve never worked so hard, I’ve never had such a bad meal.”I miss my mother. I miss the moon cakes in my hometown.Given a choice, no one volunteered to be a eunuch in the palace.Most of them are from poor families who send their children to the palace in order to survive and have a bite to eat.This is a bad habit in itself.Xie Erbao, as the only child in the family, grew up in the love of his parents, never suffered from such hardships.Seeing that Xie was out of control, Feng comforted xie by saying, “If you don’t think the job is too hard for you, ask my relatives to find you a good one…”As a young person who has received modern nine-year compulsory education and four-year college education, the idea that everyone is equal is deeply rooted in the marrow.Is it a good job to be a slave?Do I have no pride in getting punished at every turn?Xie Erbao decisively refused Feng Yuzhao’s kindness, crying in a complete mess said do not want to stay in the palace, want to go home.I wonder if Xie Erbao would be even angrier if he knew that he had been punished twice by the eunuch who had only met him three times.Feng Yu took care of him pitifully and felt a trace of sympathy. “I will take you out of the palace.”Xie erbao said, “Well, first leave the palace and then try to get home.”Feng gave Xie erbao some medicine for internal and external use and left.It’s not as good as modern trauma medicine, but it’s better than nothing.Xie erbao felt that the man was ill, but to his surprise, he did not expect that the effect of the medicine was good, and he recovered quickly.Feng Yuzhao took the sick meal to the cold Palace, Xie Erbao ate very happy, but let him doubt.”You have never been curious about my identity.”Xie Erbao’s thinking is quite strange, if let him know the answer in his small brain, it is estimated to vomit out his old blood.More outrageous is, Xie Erbao last saw Feng Yuzhao directly fly out of the cold palace with light power, he has never seen before, want to see again.What I didn’t expect is that Feng Yuzhao was very angry. What’s the situation? Am I a street juggler?I’m gonna show you how to climb walls and break rocks in your chest?But what Xie erbao did not expect was that three days later, his father-in-law brought him a casual suit to take him out of the palace.Is it true?It’s unbelievable.In order to be able to achieve the wish, Xie Erbao put on clothes and took the carriage out of the palace smoothly.After getting out of the carriage, Xie Erbao said, “I’m going home.Feng Yuzhao heart way, this person so hate when eunuch, must not be voluntary into the palace.Now after leaving the palace, I don’t know whether he said hello to his family, would they like to take him home?Thinking of this, I could not help but worry that his family would not accept him and whether he could survive outside the palace.So he asked: if you can live in luxury, but also want to palace?A slave is a slave, a master is a master, the feudal system is such, eat well, wear well, live well, according to local customs, they are humble slaves, where there is good home.Xie Erbao refused decisively. I have no interest in being a minion.Modern wisdom: Better die standing than live kneeling.Feng Yuzhao did not know whether to be angry or sympathetic, thinking of their own life is also a chicken hair, the heart suddenly had a bit of sadness.Two treasure see him down and out of shape, feel he is poor, in the palace survival is not easy, everyone should be careful, if one accidentally broke the disaster, get the board are light.Anyway, I haven’t had any friends for more than 20 years. “Xie Erbao turned his brain and became a normal person after he went back home. He would never come back again.Better to play a few days, when the tour, but also the theme of the ancient.Can Xie Erbao have a smooth journey this time?Will he make it home?The world is messy, but everyone has the right to choose life.If you don’t want to, you don’t need to please others, just be happy.Against the heart of the choice does not belong to their own life, but will produce some bad emotions.See light fame and wealth, hold a indifferent confidence, a good life, live into their own style is the most important.”Two No doubt” Xu Yu with his own power, crown harem, really?5 people 1 stage play, laugh a smile, contradiction also resolved “swallow the sea” step heavy China walk in distress, florets a slipper attack, your toe is ok?

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