Turkey Masters out of the tournament!Chen Zifan narrowly defeated Donaldson!Dot and Gould refuse to be outdone

The 2021-2022 professional snooker tournament continues with qualifying rounds at the Turkish Masters on February 5, 2022.It is also the penultimate day of qualifying for the Turkish Masters, where 12 players will make the cut!The Chinese team also continued to strive for a place in the championship.In the three competition days before the Turkish Masters, the Chinese team played well in public and a total of six players advanced to the final match.Zhou Yuelong and Cao Yupeng led the Chinese team to charge to the champion again.And on the fourth match day Chen Zifan also appeared in the Turkish Masters qualifier.Chen Zifan is also an excellent post-1990 player and a representative of grinding style of play.Chen’s previous win over Yan Bingtao was also impressive.Chen Zifan’s playing style is very slow, but slow work produces fine work Chen Zifan’s technique is quite delicate.In this competition Chen Zifan’s opponent is ding Junhui’s Nemesis known as Donaldson.Scott Donaldson has just finished the champions League clash with an unfortunate exit at the group stage.Tears were shed after two days of competition.In the face of Chen Zifan, Donaldson is also full of breath.As a result, Chen zifan fell behind and made the score 3:4 at one point.However, Chen made a fatal mistake in the crucial eighth game, leaving Donaldson with a big hole. However, Chen failed to come back in the crucial eighth game. Chen made a big hole and finally lost 3-5, missing out on the Turkish Masters tournament.Chen Zifan regret out, but also let China snooker in this competition impact champion and a big hero.A tearful Chen failed to take advantage of donaldson’s weakness after two days of champions League matches.The other match was between dott, who had just played in the league title group, and Maddox, who had given his opponents no chance in the first three games.Marktosi is also almost no use of the opportunity, and the last two games in spite of marktosi played a few waves of wonderful attack, climax, but in the attack fluency or?Not as good as dott finally dott 5-0 opponents strong promotion to the match.Gould also played a tough match, coming back from 4-1 down to win four games in a row.Gould also kept his title hopes alive with a super comeback attack against Stedman, and junior Rines also advanced to the Turkey Masters tournament with a no-win performance.

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