Have you ever seen such a New Year greeting?It’s all true. Talk about the tiger and the ox at the end of the year

Ox geng old year, tiger yue New Year.In a blink of an eye, the year of the Ox is moving away from us, or it is about to say goodbye to us.In the past year of 2021, whether we are sad or happy, most of us will have some sadness and sadness in parting.Years such as mountains, life is like blue sea red wave!Some ups and some downs, some losses!But in the year of the Ox we did not learn the character of the ox!That’s all work and no quarrel!So I said a few words.In fact, if you think about it carefully, cows are really wronged. They eat grass, work, milk and get beaten. Even after they die, they don’t let go.Is it because they don’t say?It’s a world away from the upcoming tiger.Tigers can do nothing for human beings, but they are loved and spoiled by human beings.Is it fierce?Cruelty?Or are humans bullying?It sometimes even eats the human beings who offer it, and people do not blame it.Many people say they like tigers, but run away when they see them.Some people say they like cows, but they whip them with sticks.Were whipping and running the preferred way?I don’t know.Tigers are spoken of with awe; cows seem to be spoken of with indifference.If you saw a tiger pulling a cart on the street, it would go viral.Once there was an allegorical saying that the tiger pulled the cart, who dared (drive)?However, cows are drawn and milked every day, and when they are of no value they are eaten for meat.This is as natural as a tiger not working!People say that old cattle noble, want to be old cattle.Because the old cow has the spirit of dedication and does not complain, so people want to stay with him!Good thing we can see cows again in another 12 years!!Because it was the year of the Ox!

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