New Year flavor, where has it all gone

When it comes to the taste of New Year, it is generally accepted that the present is not as good as the past, and the cities are not as good as the countryside.In order to pursue the taste of the New Year, I returned to my hometown on the 25th day of the twelfth lunar month – a small mountain village in the southeast of Shandong.The reason why I choose to go home on 25 is that I have made arrangements in my mind: when I get home on 25, I will go to town for the Annual fair on 26 along the road I took to school when I was a child.On the 27th, I wrote Spring Festival couplets at home…But who knows, plans don’t change fast enough.As soon as I got home, when I just revealed the first plan, I was vetoed by my third brother: “There is nothing missing at home, what is the festival?”My wife was indifferent to my plan, and she was even more indifferent when my third brother said so.The weather was not good and it was a little cold, so the first plan was a breeze.The next day, when I was planning the second plan how to write Spring Festival couplets, an unfortunate news came: the home of the two aunt died.Sad, another feeling is that the Spring Festival couplets can not be written.New Year flavor, lost the temptation of food, the third brother is against me to catch the festival, perhaps he does not fully understand my original intention, but mainly afraid of me to buy New Year goods.But then he told me something that made his intentions come home to me.Originally, just a few days ago, in order to prepare for the Spring Festival goods, the son who works outside brought him 3 pig heads: “I left one, sent to the former village brother-in-law home one, and a sent to our village XXX, people resolutely do not, there is no way, I hard to the XXX.”This surprised me a lot. As far as I can remember, pig’s head has always been the best “Spring Festival goods” around my hometown.Because a pig’s head can be boiled in a big pot with meat and soup, frozen into a big pot of “pig’s head cake” (a term used in hometown), when eating cut a plate, become a family meal during the Spring Festival.Today’s young people are indifferent to this, even as a burden.In the countryside at that time, the average family had five, six or even seven or eight people.In a normal year, you can buy more than 10 jin of pork, a “white scale fish” (a kind of marinated fish), kill a rooster at home and make a bag of tofu.If I can buy a pig’s head, it’s a good deal.Because in that era of material scarcity, to buy a pig’s head, not only to have some money but also a little access, for the average family, is within reach and out of reach.At that time, the children in hometown look forward to the Spring Festival, because there are delicious Spring Festival.The so-called delicious food is nothing more than fried balls, fried fish and egg rolls, which can only be eaten during the Spring Festival, but now has become a common occurrence.In terms of staple food, people like to eat pancakes again, compared with dumplings and steamed buns, which they used to eat during the Spring Festival.Everything is different now, now New Year, young people do not know what to eat.Taste of the year, lack of traditional ceremony feeling mentioned in front, before the Spring Festival, the family inside the 2 aunt died, why do I not write Spring Festival couplets?Because I can’t post it, because it’s a sign of respect for the deceased.The custom of sticking Spring Festival couplets in hometown is that their elders died, 3 years can not be posted, the elders of the family died, that year can not be posted.It can be seen that if the village did not paste Spring Festival couplets, it must be their own or the old man died.26, want to go to the fair did not drive, 27, want to write and not write Spring Festival couplets and the next two days in the same wavelength was buried matter activity, 29, is NianChuXi, main activities have started: members, 3 PM, all the people of our people to focus on village south of the river south lim (graves) before, and in turn to donglin, Westwood, southwest four Lin went to “grave” ancestral graves.The main ceremony is to burn paper in front of the grave, set off firecrackers, kowtow, invite the ancestors and families to go home for the New Year.Please old car (family hall) in the evening of New Year’s Eve, take turns to set up a funeral hall at home, hang up the family pedigree “axis” (central hall), put on offerings, incense burning paper, the family of people in turn to kowtow worship, vigil…Kowtow on the first morning, to the big family or small family as a unit, to the elders home New Year, kowtow to the elders, every household is prepared with chayan, candy and so on, so that greetings……Ancestor worship, respect for the elderly, is a major custom of the Spring Festival in my hometown, in our family basically have been retained.I attended all the events this year.But there is no denying that, compared with the past, is also in the year by year.Such as shangfen, firecrackers are singing together before, and now the impact of firecrackers by the city and the countryside, set off less and less.Again such as please family hall, our family year by year turn “old six”, there are more and more because of working in other places and do not go home for the Spring Festival.Temporary determination within the family, can be based on reality, natural interruption or continuation.Last year we had one, this year we have another, and there are bound to be more and more.There are New Year’s Day to elders kowtow, also reduced year by year, this year I kowtow two, to the next generation, has not kowtow to us…The Spring Festival, in childhood memory, always belongs to the children.At that time, the Spring Festival, to our childhood, full of mysterious atmosphere.Entering the Twelfth lunar month, the mysterious atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. Since eating Laba porridge on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, there is almost a saying every day, and there is one more “why” in our minds: the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month, now called Xiao Nian, then we called “Ci Zao”.Morning the day is not bright, people began to build “heaven and earth shed” to send the kitchen God god, we can “god said good things, the next world peace” the kitchen god is full of awe, because although he can not see touch, but can be in charge of the fireworks of the world.Until Chinese New Year’s Eve, the mysterious atmosphere reached the ultimate.That night we should not run about or talk loudly. After worship, we should keep vigil quietly at home.Occasionally make a noise, broken things, adults will say a “broken (year) peace”, and not blame.The dumplings in the pot are broken, which is not a bad thing, because it is not called broken but called “earn”.Until in the sleep, was gently woken up by the mother, gently ate the mother played dumplings, listening to the night sky firecrackers, lanterns, along the dark streets, follow adults, to kowtow with their elders one by one…After dawn on the first day of the first lunar month, until the 15th, it becomes the world of children.We took off the Spring Festival couplets on people’s doors to make windmills and held them in our hands. We went with each other to wrestle in the field, skate on the ice, fight blood (homemade balls), beat crutches (knees), sharp (wooden), hit tiles (stone) and beat old cows (gyro). At night, we ran around the streets and alleyways — playing hide-and-seek and catching spies…These ten days, the adults let go of the bundle, we want to play with who and who to play, want to play what to play what, follow one’s inclinationsfree, in the rough and tumble in a year and a year…I old, I return to the homeland while youngBut now, I walk in the village of the streets, has not seen the independent play of the children, when the young children played games, it is estimated that has long been lost.There is no doubt that the Spring Festival is the product of agricultural civilization.Spring Festival culture is a kind of rural culture.Under the impact of the current commodity economy tide, everything is changing, hometown is changing, the flavor of the New Year is also changing, only the memory of childhood lingering, as time passes by.Shen Ziyou, the author of the Lantern Festival in Spring City in 2022 (heart is far mountain), Shandong Juxian people, college culture, in December 1970 to join the army, in January 1984 military transfer to the 14th bureau of China Railway office, retired in Jinan.Editor: Kasanishi Kazunda Sakanishi editorial Department

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