Pingguo: Sidang town planted “get rich nuts” to help industry revitalization

In order to further accelerate the development and growth of the village collective economy, Sitang Town adheres to the guidance of Party construction, takes the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy as the general starting point, gives full play to the advantages of location, resources and openness of Sitang, and uses the townlevel village collective economic company to build a platform to guide and mobilize the people of Sitang Town to plant macadamia nuts.To build macadamia nut into a characteristic and advantageous industry to develop and strengthen village collective economy and boost rural revitalization.At present, Sitang town is fully promoting macadamia nut planting of 300 mu, plans to increase by 3,000 mu by 2024.Based on the three-dimensional comprehensive development, the macadamia nut base adopts the mode of order agriculture for planting and sales. It is expected to achieve a profit of 3000 yuan/mu in the third year of production, and 12000 yuan/mu in the sixth year of full fruit.By actively implementing the model of “enterprise + cooperative + base + peasant household” and “village party organization + enterprise + cooperative + base + peasant household”, an industrial development pattern of “risk sharing, benefit sharing, mutual benefit and common development” has been formed.At the same time, macadamia nuts and vegetables, watermelon, pumpkin, money grass interplanting dwarfing crops, such as complementary, formed with a short length, tillage presses to fondle compound business model, to produce more in the limited space of economic efficiency, the ecological protection, improve the land utilization at the same time, promote the forestry comprehensive benefits, realize the adjustment of industrial structure and rural industrial revitalization of mutual win-win situation.It is understood that the town of Sitang will continue to firmly establish the people-oriented concept, from the interests of farmers, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of farmers to plant macadamia nuts.At the same time, the government, enterprise cooperatives and fruit farmers’ interest connection mechanism will be established to achieve the goal of “100 plants per household on 4 mu”, that is, every household will plant 100 macadamia nuts on 4 mu land on average, constantly injecting fresh water into the development and growth of the collective economy of Sitang Town and vigorously promoting industrial revitalization.(Correspondent: Zhao Yuying, Zheng Liyun)

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