Street shooting game Rampage Shot is available on the NOLO Sonic App Store and can be used as a shooting expert in VR

In the campus era, every basketball youth dream on the basketball court to be able to enter three steps layup, retreat can throw three points, and after the score to accept the attention of the girls outside the court, and in order to practice shooting technology boys often happen to agree to go to the video game city before shooting machine again and again practice shooting action.Even into the social workplace, passing by the game city shooting machine can not help but throw a few balls;It’s simple and repetitive, but it’s tricky;It’s boring, but it’s awesome, which is one of the reasons why arcade hoops are so enduring.Can go to a game city is difficult to have time, enjoy throwing a few balls is difficult to have a sense of immersion, but if VR can also experience shooting?JUST HOOPS, a live action arcade basketball game created by French studio Realcast that combines retro arcade basketball with new VR technology, is available on the NOLO Sonic App Store today for $35 off for a limited time.No need to throw coins, directly move the street hoops machine to the living room or wherever you want to play, like shooting games, you must not miss.The game is set in an ’80s arcade environment, in which you select a level and click the Start button to enter the game. Within a set time, you need to grab a ball with the NOLO Sonic controller’s grip button or trigger button, and then throw the ball into the basket in the real world shooting position.Ball physics feel very real, game developers use the pitch ball) and the physical principle behind, each throw Angle and finally whether the ball into the basket, so let’s cast is not an easy thing, small make up in the initial stage often can’t get the ball or ball thrown has fallen, practice ten minutes later,I got familiar with the grip and the arc of the throw, and my shooting percentage improved significantly.It is recommended that players focus more on practicing grips in the tutorial at the beginning of the game.The game is divided into first Shot, Summer and Halloween modes, each of which has several levels with varying goals for the basket as the difficulty of the level increases.The baskets are constantly changing, both near and far, and even in Halloween mode, players need to navigate ice blocks in search of the right opportunity to shoot.The pleasing thing is that the sound and arc of the game is very realistic as the basketball hits the rim and backboard.Throughout the game, players need to shoot again and again, which is really a very good exercise, no less than opening a basketball game in the real world.Xiaobian pro test, shooting 30 minutes can be sweaty.The global leaderboard mode is set in the game, which not only increases the challenge and interest of the game, but also stimulates the competitive spirit of the players to constantly challenge themselves!”JUST HOOPS offers an immersive experience with multiple game modes and challenges, plus 45 ever-changing basketball levels!Gamers can expect more updates from us in 2022.”Realcast is an award-winning French game studio founded by Nino Sapina and Diego in 2017.Just Dance is a global hit and the studio has won the Aurea Impact Award and Satis 360 AR Category award in 2020.Rampage Basketball is available from March 31st to April 7th, Sonic players will get 30% off $35 (originally $49.90).

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