With more and more medical lawsuits, is it feasible for doctors to become lawyers?Medical eye views

It is not easy to persuade people to study medicine, but doctors should be cautious about changing careers.This article is published by the author’s authorization, please do not reprint without authorization.Medical disputes become every doctor can not avoid the problem, medical litigation may be around.With fewer lawsuits and fewer lawsuits these years, many doctors have been forced to appear in court or attend hearings.Many doctors have become lawyers and become elite members of the legal profession.What do you think of doctors and lawyers?How to view medical litigation?New Year is coming, let’s talk freely.Is it possible for doctors to become lawyers?Lao Liu is often asked what he thinks of doctors and lawyers.They all feel the same. They’re all jobs that people remember when they’re in trouble.No matter the patient or the client, always come with trouble, expect the doctor or lawyer to work miracles, once the result is not satisfactory, dissatisfaction, complaints ensue.(Don’t assume lawyers won’t be sued; there is a body called the Bar Association that has the power to punish lawyers.)Therefore, it is not a pleasant process to receive patients or parties, and there should be no less risk notification and complaint prevention for patients and parties.The two professions have something in common. Doctors and lawyers have to go through a variety of cases to have rich experience and gradually grow into talents.Therefore, having a good educational background and being able to enter a larger organization is very important for personal growth.Good units are not short of patients/customers, difficult cases/cases, income will naturally be better.It is relatively easy for doctors to obtain professional qualifications, but it takes a long time to become an expert on their own, with higher educational requirements and difficulty in promotion of professional titles.However, it is relatively difficult for lawyers to obtain the professional qualification, and the annual passing rate of the bar examination is very low, but basically the professional qualification requirements are not high, and there is no promotion problem of professional title.If a doctor is a lawyer, he or she is usually engaged in tort cases. The legal relationship is simple, the litigation process is fixed, it is easy to get started and the work is relatively relaxed.Crucially, doctors are often required to work night shifts, work overtime and be on call for public health emergencies.But lawyers do not have night shift, overtime is closely related to income, may need to do some public welfare, or basically voluntary.Being a lawyer is more bang for the buck than being a doctor.Some people say that the law profession is difficult to find employment, but the medical profession does not seem to be much better.Good units are difficult to enter, the unit is not willing to go, six of one and six of the other are about the same.So, lawyers can be a way for doctors to change careers, but which one is better, more comfortable, and more lucrative?It’s a matter of opinion, and it may be different for everyone.Advising people to study medicine may strike, but doctors should be cautious about changing careers. Life will not be better.But if you really don’t want to be a doctor anymore, lawyer is a more skilled profession than a pharmaceutical company.Doctor, what do you think of lawyers?How to view medical litigation?As medical dispute resolution becomes more standardized and medical lawsuits are on the rise, medical-related law has become a compulsory course for doctors.Old Liu was in medical school in those days, besides learning a legal basis (all university compulsory course) beyond, it seems that there is nothing and medical disputes, legal proceedings about the content.If you look at the curriculum of medical schools today, the ninth round of textbooks includes medical ethics, health law, hygiene, and doctor-patient communication. Many schools offer courses in medical law.At work, doctors are forced to “actively” participate in the process of resolving medical disputes, learn more about the process of medical litigation, and master the skills of hearing defense.In previous years, many doctors commented that patients were “ungrateful” to Sue doctors and lawyers were “complicit” in medical cases.In recent years, people’s ideas are changing, and it is the original intention of Lao Liu’s article that he can rationally look at the shortcomings of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions in cases and take them as references.Since the column “Medical Eye View” was officially launched in 2016, Lao Liu has led us to analyze many cases in the past six years.In many of these cases, doctors were clearly at fault and sometimes showed extreme irresponsibility.In his daily work, Liu also encountered many doctors who were not skilled but had arrogant attitudes.It is not too much to describe some “bad doctors” without medical ethics.Put yourself in the other’s shoes. A doctor might also be a patient’s family member.The same is true of lawyers. There are “good lawyers” who uphold justice and “bad lawyers” who assist in torture.Most of the lawyers who can represent medical cases have medical backgrounds or are assisted by medical specialists.”After 10 years as a doctor and 17 years as a lawyer, I have always believed that saving one medical error is saving a family,” one doctor-turned-lawyer wrote in sharing his experience.”For all the bad things I say about hospitals, 95 percent of medical practices are blameless.Medical science is an extremely complex discipline, therapeutic effect varies from person to person, cannot because the effect is bad, let the hospital bear responsibility, claim for compensation.Almost 80% of the cases I consult with, I turn them away.If the hospital is not obviously at fault, the lawsuit can not be won, and the patient also has to pay attorney’s fees, legal costs, appraisal fees, etc.”The lawyer is a good lawyer with professional ethics.And many lawyers have no medical background, blindly “encourage” patients’ families to Sue, charging high fees.Finally, because the hospital did not fault and lost the lawsuit, the hospital was involved in the lawsuit for no reason, the patient wasted time and money.Law is a means to uphold justice, and it is the right of patients to file medical lawsuits to safeguard their rights and interests.It is the job of lawyers to represent patients in medical cases, give them professional advice and help them defend their rights through legal means.Look at everyone’s work rationally, respect everyone’s profession, learn the necessary legal knowledge, there is no need to treat the client’s lawyer with hostile attitude.Medical disputes cannot be completely eradicated, so there must be a solution. Compared with “medical trouble”, Lao Liu prefers “litigation”.The impact of medical trouble on the hospital is huge, a patient’s family “disturbance” can destroy a department.Although the litigation process is long, the impact on the hospital’s work is small, compensation through insurance payment, loss is also limited.And, relative to the wild price of the doctor, the appraisal center and the court’s conclusion is relatively reliable.Last week, Liu participated in a judicial appraisal hearing of a medical liability dispute case. The patient’s diagnosis and treatment process involved three departments of the medical side. The medical side did not prepare a statement of opinion for the hearing in advance, and each department sent personnel to “simply say”.In the questioning session of the expert, the answering staff of each department tried to take their responsibilities clearly and said “at sizzling” without any preparation, which made Liu fully experience what is called “pig teammate”.From this point of view, it is very important for the hospital to have a “legal affairs” and give full play to its role. It is also necessary for the doctor to learn the necessary legal knowledge, understand the litigation process and master the necessary skills to respond to the lawsuit.The New Year is about to begin again. The epidemic is still going on, and the road to cure it is still difficult.In the New Year, Lao Liu will bring more and more enlightening cases and also care about various events in the industry.Hope “medical eye view” column can bring you a little inspiration, some thinking, some change.Welcome to leave your comments in the comments section. Wish you all a smooth and happy work!Consultant lawyer Xiang Haiman, a lawyer of Beijing Quanzhi Law Firm (formerly Beijing Renchuang Law Firm), has long been engaged in the research and practice of medical law and has rich experience in medical law practice.The fifth day of the year tiger luck prosper!On the fifth day of the Year of the Tiger, all members of the medical Knowledge source product group wish you a smooth sailing in the year of the Tiger!The fifth New Year charm to send!There is also a red envelope event in the Year of the Tiger,

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