Knowledge is not equal to knowledge knowledge can be written in textbooks cognition is written in the heart and soul of people

A poem is Every day of the original poetry and dreams, don’t again and I brushed past with like-minded friends to join the circle open, beautiful poetic time, to a poem is in the world of heavy and complicated, can give you a quiet (added circle card here, please go to today’s headlines client view) cognitive is not equal to knowledge, knowledge to write in the textbooks,Cognition is written in the heart and soul…◎ Maybe we can not change the whole society, but the heart of the individual is to keep conscience, when you complain about the decline of the whole, does not mean that you have lost.You can talk about history and memory, music and poetry, the richness of life, understanding the pain of others, expanding the dimensions of life.You don’t have to be a fighter, but you can be an educated person with thought and emotional depth.The sound of the water stepping on the strings of the river under the wings of the butterfly turned into white pear flowers sprinkled on the bank of the river – The central cup of the river was filled with the setting sun.Use your own reason to judge, do not be a shadow, but a man.Keep away from men who have no respect for principles and rules, for their indecency and insatiable desires will always involve you, consume you, or hurt you.Even if you think you have a clear conscience, no selfishness, but the lack of wisdom of kindness, but may make your good intentions to push others to the depths of evil, this is called stupidity!Will also cause and effect, make your situation more passive and embarrassing!◎ “Hujia 18″ the shepherd has gone to the distance, only a whip sound in the wine pot, looking at the moon hanging high in the Guan Shan – the wilderness is a desolate wind played by the north.We live and die what others think is wrong;What others think foolish, we think wise;…Are we really different?Is the world really blurred, or we really muddy?”Every day he sat on the wall carrying a bloody knife and sang” The Book in both Places “- until he had grey hair and understood that what happens to one innocent person can happen to all.There are two passions which man must not lose: the first is the pursuit of love and freedom;The other is anger at injustice and compassion for the weak.Without these two feelings, a person would not be a sane person.There are no More Tears in My Eyes Four long seasons All I see is the pale winter a chain is around my throat and the crows outside the window are choking knock out my teeth so I can’t chew the bones of sin – I’m a white rabbit in a jar Used to the dark, ferocious and obedient in collisions but you,You think you are not good, not thousands of above, the phoenix of the parasol tree.So stop the world, eating fireworks and living boudoir, occasionally hovering mud, dust worms greedy eyes.You are so white, how can you be dirty feathers, dirty yearning for the distance.- cloud xi not to fire “to the thin/Qiu Shuoxiang coke broken wing twist on fire dizzy don’t entertain wild hope become a young chicken dark laugh behind and will not forget the ping of the algae to throw in the towel flame plexus is also negative free old trees in a flash epiphyllum smile – nobody knows but also foot inside the dust settles on only a piece of white reed in the coming year will be, then wildfires around sigh: cold fire is always lonely dead warriors have todayNo it was not “out of the window like a snowing night movie – end fall in a drawer – there is a coin paper piece park tickets and a photo of your childhood – although this life will never see you but still can’t help inspect the baby on the photo again and again wanted to bury his lips gently up from his chair in his little face – all did not speak to you at this time can be quietly said to him,” when”Night, I hear the wind burningI hear the wind in the burning firecrackers they make the same sound but I can’t see the light after a week – I feel it warm with the smell of the wet ash pushing the stretch to rush – I gave the derision that or just hear the wilderness in the ground, groaning in pain held her breath heart beat violently, I felt my hair and skin has been burned with the wind I heard my heart in the sparrowBreaking free – Burning, burning, burning The dark fire has broken through a wall and I know I’ll be forever.For their own ups and downs, always feel particularly unique.◎ “Please do not use your privileged circumstances to demean those less fortunate than you.”◎ Nothing can be forgotten except what keeps on causing pain.– Nietzsche ◎ An era of all things in appreciation, the only devaluation is human dignity and integrity …………- In an era when everything is for sale, the only thing that is not for sale is human conscience and faith!Does this is suitable for the night sleep to the/golden lily has already can’t distinguish the moon light and lamp dimly sparks of granular whisper dreams began to rise the darkness can’t catch on the shadow of the window suddenly the world away with only intermittent and twittering physical willing with soul can temporarily don’t ask whether will wake up tomorrow morning (2022.2.9 night) does evil, savage growth,Must be a breeding ground for evil…The meagerness of our thinking makes our language coarse and inexact, and the haphazardness and disorder of our language make it easy to produce shallow thoughts.– George Orwell “The Door” By Wan Mu.Green I have no right to open and close the door of love drive, but no matter how tightly closed, there will inevitably be a crack in and out of the wind, there is a very lovely person in the world, this person is reading this article, I really envy these words, thousands of mountains and rivers, I see you.Love is always a lonely dream, after I wake up, my heart is barren. Love has nothing to do with others, it is the sweetness of your heart to be the person you want to be!Never too late spring breeze, and scattered, several ChiXing authors original poetry | | tianya find dream/cloud xi/Qiu Shuoxiang/Zhang Zhanyun/day/golden lily/wood green (except poetry in this paper Quoted sentence sentence is from the signature and the unnamed source invasion delete Thank you for being good) view | (figure source network invasion delete most grateful) in this paper, as the original,Thanks for reading. Love you all.With every “like” you click, my heart opens one more flower

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