Tangyin animal husbandry anti-epidemic pioneer Wang Zhiguo: “Keep the original aspiration” in the retrograde “Bear the mission”

On January 5, Wang Zhiguo, a veteran of the county Animal husbandry and Veterinary Station, volunteered to be on duty at the checkpoint of Tangyin Station at the expressway intersection to respond to the COVID-19 prevention and control work in the county.Party members are a flag wherever they are.Soldiers are a barrier at all times.Over the past month, Wang Zhiguo has devoted himself to the epidemic prevention and control work at the checkpoint. Every day, he checked and registered the vehicle information of passing passengers and publicized the epidemic prevention policy. Every car, every person and every person had to check the code.With the continuous strengthening of the epidemic prevention and control measures in the county, Wang Zhiguo took the initiative to shoulder the night duty and stick to the highway interface points 24 hours in groups with his colleagues. He inspired every staff around him with his tireless working attitude.”I believe that the secret of victory lies in every information registration and every disinfection, so we should be careful, professional and show our level of animal husbandry.””He joked to his colleagues during the work break.During the period of strict control of the epidemic, the pigs of xinliu breeding farm in our county reached the market age. After learning this news, Wang Zhiguo immediately contacted the slaughterhouse, coordinated transport vehicles, and called the slaughterhouse repeatedly without having meals. He solved the production “emergency” for the breeding enterprise in the first time, and truly reflected the “service for the people” in action.Between choices, to show responsibility.Wang Zhiguo’s wife, a medical worker, returned to her post at the first time and left their 12-year-old child at home alone. When she missed her child, she made a video call to inform her child of the new prevention and control policies.In wang’s own words, “We are fighting the same battle even though we are not at the same post.”On February 3, The whole area of Tangyin county was adjusted to a low-risk area, and the containment area, control area and prevention area were all lifted.The station leader considered his long-term adherence to the plan to let him take a rest, he said lightly: volunteers have taken the initiative to the front, let alone I am a party member, but also a veteran, should rush to the front.In this war “epidemic”, Wang Zhiguo with their own practical action to write the love of the country, let the party flag more bright, let the spring has come more beautiful!(Correspondent: Cui Yumei)

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