Theshy coat tens of thousands, Rookie wear 6-digit price table, 2 people skin divided into let water friend acid

Preface: As one of the most popular esports games, LOL has become a topic that cannot be ignored in esports since its birth. Then how much income do professional players who are concerned by countless people with esports have?Although people know the impression that professional players are not poor in money, I’m afraid they still have a little understanding of how rich they are. Some netizens inquired about the “objects” on some professional players, and the results made them sour directly.THE SHY: $10,000 for a coat?According to WBG’s daily photos of THE SHY released in February, THE Rookie is wearing a simple jacket that is worth tens of thousands of yuan.People are used to the tens of millions of dollars in contract fees, but if a piece of clothing is worth one-thousandth of their contract fee, they might not be able to sit still.And that’s just one item THE SHY wears, not counting other clothes, shoes, accessories and bags.ROOKIE, THESHY is one of THE professional players who loves to buy clothes. He spends more than half of his salary on clothes every year. However, even if he buys tens of thousands of clothes, it is a waste of water for THESHY.Six-digit price watch, a buy is two lovers watch seems to be only players “small hobby”, let the netizens need to look up to, of course, this can not buy millions of watches at every turn compared to Kasa.ROOKIE is more ROOKIE than THE SHY. Instead of buying consumable clothes, he chose to buy watches that, like Casa, have a high value and last a long time.According to the photos revealed by netizens, he and Jue were taking pictures in the studio, and the inadvertent outflow of the watch shape caused many netizens to discuss.Couples watch two people wearing very conjugal love, but fine steak later we found that the price of this table up to six figures, between three hundred thousand and six hundred thousand, almost comparable to a suite in some cities, of course according to their present value and status in professional field, or can easily afford these objects “hobby”.How rich are ROOKIE and THESHY?Speaking of which, many netizens speculated that the annual salary of these professional players is indeed not low, but does not spend so much money for future consideration?Actually THE money, they buy luxury goods is likely to just their “pocket money”, king ning is to live with disclosed that they had won THE champion of THE skin, is selling very good in previous winners skin, THE SHY and ROOKIE into is not low, although THE prince did not detail THE divided into how many,But let each player easily buy one or two suites of the strength is still some, there are also water friends estimated at more than 20 million.After all, they are the first champion of LPL, and the overall quality of this skin is really high, and there are some popular heroes among them. Under these support, an insider revealed that IG’s share of money is not less than eight figures per person, after learning of this income, a lot of fans also call sour.Personal analysis concludes that players can have such assets, which is envied but not envied, because people think they really deserve it, whether IG won LPL’s first S-tournament championship, or their contribution to the professional arena and LPL’s esports development, it is enough to earn such income.Of course, their strength and popularity in LPL can also bring them a “handsome” salary.What do you think about THE SHY clothes and Rookie watch prices?

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