Wild boar has become a disaster, the Qinling mountains and a large animal flooding, the giant panda also threatened!

The eating habits of modern people have improved.Under the premise of national protection of wild animals, wild boars have become the overlord of the southern forests. The problem caused by wild boars is so big that it is believed that measures will be taken soon.Along the banks of the Qinling Mountains, there was also an abundance of a large animal, the legendary takin. Although it was only a herbivore, it was very aggressive when angry.The takins have not been seen in the qinling mountains for many years.Embarrassingly, now that the large predators are almost extinct, there is nothing in the mountains to threaten them.In the case of wild boars, the smaller cats can hunt them down, but with a takin as big as they are, the population can only be controlled if the tigers and leopards are released.The wild boar is the same as the wild boar, and the takin is the second class protected animal. People say that there are four kinds of treasure on the Qinling Mountains: giant panda, crested ibis, golden monkey, and takin.The Qinling takins have been protected by our animal protection department for many decades. No one poached them for decades, and their numbers naturally increased.Furthermore, they have no natural predators at all. They feed and give birth to one litter a year, which is not much, but with the increase of the base numbers they now exceed their local environmental capacity.So how do takins threaten the giant pandas?When takins rub against tree trunks during the rutting season, they destroy the pheromones left by pandas, making it increasingly difficult for pandas to breed in the wild.And the giant panda is in heat for only 2 days, missed after the next year.The number of takins is so high that some of them, for lack of food, go on to human fields. They are quite aggressive in their rut.In Hanzhong, Hubei and other places, there are always incidents of takins killing people, how to deal with the increasing number of wild herbivores, it is really a headache.What do you think?

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