Cao Cao travel to carry out “safety management to improve the month” continue to build a strong safety barrier

Spring is the key to a year’s plan, traffic safety in the “prevention”, especially in spring sunny and rainy, changeable weather, vehicle driving should be more cautious.It is understood that in order to effectively enhance driver safety awareness, build a safe and harmonious traffic, Cao Cao travel will be in April as the “safety management promotion month”, focus on systematic safety management production activities, continue to build a strong safety barrier.Since its establishment, Cao Cao travel always adheres to the development concept of “safety as the key” and strictly observes the safety bottom line.In April, “Safety management improvement month”, Cao Cao Chuxing will take multiple measures in parallel, effectively enhance the safety awareness of the company and the whole company, firmly build a safety bottom line.It is reported that in the following month, Cao Cao will travel in many ways to carry out safety publicity activities, strengthen the safety awareness of all members.For example, we carried out safety themed activities of “Lecture On Tuesday”, carried out surprise safety inspections in various regions across the country, actively carried out urban emergency response drills and live streamed classes.For drivers, Cao Cao Travel will invite transportation industry safety experts and company safety management experts to carry out online training on driving safety, epidemic prevention and other related content. The offline urban operation centers are suitable to carry out special training depending on the local epidemic situation.At the same time for risk drivers to clean up, let “safe driving” four words in mind.For passengers, Cao Cao Chuxing will release safety contents in the passenger side APP security center column, including epidemic prevention and control, holiday travel safety, new platform security product functions and important platform security measures, etc., to effectively improve passengers’ safety awareness.It is worth mentioning that the “safety management increase”, cao cao also travel for the safety of the enterprise staff to carry out the continuous stable cross activities, encourage everyone to participate in the hidden perils in safety, together for office security, security responsibility to carry out the unsafe behavior, vehicle safety, hardware driver safety problems such as trying to identify and report real time.It is understood that the April “safety management promotion month” is not cao Cao travel for the first time to carry out safety business activities, as early as last year, a number of nodes, have carried out creative safety activities.On December 2, 2021, the tenth day “, “122 national traffic safety, cao cao to travel in the country’s 62 operating city synchronous conducted a series of safety theme activities, coordinated traffic police, pipe, such as multiple departments, for the vast number of drivers do the franco-prussian security activities, and initiative, and urged the driver safety civilization, create a good environment in which to travel.June 2021 is the 20th “Safety Production Month” in China, which is also the third year of Cao Cao’s Travel Safety Production Month. In order to guide all drivers to drive safely and civilised and ensure traffic safety, they innovatively launched the safety PK competition in the area, setting corresponding evaluation standards for individual drivers, teams and districts.Comprehensive selection of “safe driver”, “safe team”, “safe area”, respectively give high cash rewards, actively enhance the awareness of safety service of the team drivers.Considering the elderly group in the traffic safety knowledge, safety awareness of the lack of cao Cao travel, especially in the Double Ninth Festival into the community home for the elderly, for the silver-haired group to “love forever, safe travel” as the theme of traffic safety propaganda activities, and send a warm gift.Strictly observing the bottom line of safety has always been the cornerstone of Cao Cao’s growth. Since the release of The Assessment Method of Taxi Service Quality and Reputation in May 2018, the company has carried out assessment and scoring evaluation on various travel platforms every year.Public information shows that since 2018, Cao Cao Chuxing AAA certification has been throughout China, respectively in Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Hefei, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Suzhou, Xi ‘an, Xiamen, Lanzhou, Shiyan, Haikou, Hangzhou and other cities to obtain AAA certification.On countless roads ahead, safety comes first.As the leading brand of online car hailing, Cao Cao Chuxing is actively playing its subjective initiative, taking responsibility for the safety of drivers and passengers, creating a safe and civilized environment, promoting the benign development of the industry with a more complete safety management, and shining in the realization of social responsibility and social value.

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