Ignoring kaifeng uncle’s voice?Xu Ma Yao dad held a banquet for Tian Jing, the net friend message is too warm heart

Guide language: speak of the relation between tian Jing and Xu Min this pair of mother-in-law, in fact, often pay attention to 28 events of the net friend should be very clear.Since Xu Min met Yao Wei, the relationship between Tian Jing and Xu Min began to become better and better.And after the live broadcast with goods, Tian Jing will often buy clothes for Xu Min or a variety of gifts.It can be seen that in Tian Jing’s mind, although the contact time with Xu Min is not very long, but it seems to have recognized the identity of Xu Min’s mother-in-law.Unfortunately, although the relationship between the two sides has always been better, there are still people who feel unbalanced, such as uncle Kaifeng.After the death of lily and kaifeng uncle also specially postings on social accounts, in addition to show that lily and death associated with this event, the connotation and jing will only make money by the heat of the 28 events, without making any contribution to this matter, even using the Internet fraud to describe jing do live with goods.The post is still posted on uncle Kaifeng’s social media account, which means uncle Kaifeng doesn’t think he said anything wrong.But Xu Min’s family is obviously not how to think, in tian Jing’s newly released dynamic, it can be seen that Xu Ma and Yao Dad specially hosted a banquet for Tian Jing’s family.As can be seen in the video, Xu Ma is calling everyone to eat vegetables and drink or drink.Besides Yao’s parents, yao Wei and Tian Jing, tian Jing’s younger brother and parents were sitting at the table.Two families so happy to sit together to eat, this scene is really enviable.And some eagle-eyed netizens also noticed that the dining place is in Yao Wei’s house.Seeing this, I believe many netizens should also be very confused, is it possible that Yao’s father ignores the rhythm of Kaifeng’s uncle?After all, kaifeng uncle is xu Min’s own brother, what he said still has a certain weight.But in fact xu Min himself should be very clear, a family does not talk about two families, now Yao Wei and Tian Jing are a couple, so there is no need to divide the two families are particularly clear.In addition, it is also a very critical period, if Xu Min like uncle Kaifeng, dissatisfaction with Tian Jing, resulting in internal strife, then the fun can be big.Such things for Du Xinzhi party, nature is also very happy to see, without a soldier let Xu Min party from the internal strife.So Xu Min had the choice now, that is to do well with the Tian Jing family, there is no need to put the good two families, to toss between each other estrangement.As for the picture of the happy dinner between the two families, many netizens’ comments are also very helpful. Most of them wish the two families happiness and better and better.I have to say, the comments were really warm.Estimate tian Jing at see these message of time, affirmation is also very happy?Conclusion: in fact, about tian Jing live with goods, kaifeng uncle’s point of view is really too extreme.After all, people tian Jing rely on their own ability, even with the help of Xu Min with the heat of the 28 events, without a certain strength, it is difficult to do a good job of live with goods, Xiong Lei and Du Xinzhi is an obvious example, so I still hope that Uncle Kaifeng can recognize the reality, it is best to accept the Tian Jing family.What do you think about it?Feel free to leave a comment below!

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