Representatives of mechanical and electrical engineering department of the school went to Qizhong CNC to discuss the cooperation of industrial college

University-enterprise cooperation for further refinement of the machine tool industry college, February 14th morning, school of mechanical and electronic engineering department Guo Lei mechanical professional 敖林喆, qi, head of the three leading FuChuanChuan to qi, head of the heavy machine tool nc wen-tao jia, a deputy general manager, together with the enterprise think-tank, vice President of the institute Jiang Hui talks about college of industry cooperation.This negotiation mainly focuses on the operation direction and specific measures of the Institute of Machine Tool industry.Jiang Hui deputy dean thinks, want to make the industry college has broad future, is essential to a high level of scientific research team, hopes to build leading wild goose studio, actual project, introduced by the enterprise, and high school teachers to learn together, from the theory to actual combat, to produce the own product of the machine tool industry institute, and stand in the market.Jia Wentao, deputy General Manager, believed that the combination of qisan machine tool’s equipment and site with the overhaul project of the enterprise was more appropriate and easier to operate. At the same time, he also pointed out the existing problems of qisan machine tool’s site and equipment. He hoped that the school could carry out proper maintenance and make preparations for the cooperation project of overhaul of machine tool in the next step.Director Guo lei said that the cooperation between the two sides should adhere to the principle of professionals doing professional work, the enterprise is responsible for the operation, the school is responsible for the teaching arrangement, and jointly cultivate application-oriented high-quality talents.Both sides are very hopeful about the establishment of the Machine Tool Industry Institute and its potential to explode in the future.

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