The transfer window has not yet opened and two new players have already been secured, with maldini reportedly at $100m

Rumours of transfers and signings have never stopped circulating among European clubs.Clubs with financial resources, such as Real Madrid want To buy Mbappe, Barcelona want to buy Harland;Less financially powerful clubs with ambitions to revive, such as Milan, have already snapped up Lille’s Jose Sanchez and Portman.I think when the next transfer window opens, mbappe and Harland will have new owners, and milan just want to be rich by then.Milan are currently chasing Sanchez and Portman, everyone knows that milan “need”.Casey is likely to leave and bakayoko is not performing as well as expected, so sanchez is a good fit for milan.Romanioli wanted to stay, but milan offered him half as much money as they do now, which means the current captain is leaving for free, and his agent is Raiola.So at centre-back, Portman has milan drooling.With two players of this quality, a strong team doesn’t need or look at, a big club like Milan with history and on the way up is the most attractive, all the problems are money.Milan are reportedly ready to spend 100 million yuan on players in the next transfer window.If that’s the case, sanchez and Portman can handle $6,000. the rest of the money can be spent on a lot of frontcourt reinforcements.Diaz has so far proved to be a problem in midfield that Pioli has moved Casey to midfield with Diaz coming on as a substitute.There is also the right wing position, Salle Markels is a little up and down, the loan of Messias is also difficult to start, need a strong starting point player, if you can come to a Leo such a direct flight.Names that have emerged so far include Belwin and Reims striker Ekitic.Hopefully, as with the signing of Menion, maldini’s last call to Casey was to let us know we have signed Sanchez, good luck.(Responsible Editor: Maomao)

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