Celebration of life: How many ways can you kill a grand master?

There are not many ways to kill the grand Master in Celebration of Life, so let’s look at the three battles in the book.I. The Battle of The Great Eastern Mountains.It was the first time that the four great masters of the world fought head-on. Nominally, the three great masters of the Northern Qi, Kuhe, Four Gujian of the Eastern City, and Ye Liuyun, a sanshou of the Floating clouds, joined hands with the enemy, Qing Emperor, and hong Four xiang, a master of nine products, while the five bamboo, a master of the grand master, was watching the battle.At the grand Master Killing bureau in Dongshan, Emperor Qing had planned for more than 20 years to promote Hong Si xiang to the foreground, making people think that he was the grand master in the palace.Leaves out of Kyoto, thought qing emperor and leaves have bad blood, let leaves and leaves liuyun become infernal affairs.Use yourself as bait to lure and kill the grand master.Big east mountain, four gu sword sword kill 100 tiger wei, tiger wei to know most of the eight products above strength, the strength of the great master can be seen how strong.Hide the grand master strength of the Qing emperor, using hong Four xiangxiang body death, using the domineer true qi, caused by bitter lotus viscera waste, serious injury will die.Ye Liuyun backwaters, and sigu sword interlose-lose, qing emperor a wang Daoquan, Sigu sword hit into serious injury, has no way to survive.From this battle, it can be seen that to kill the grand master, one to one can only internecine, only two to one, three to two or carefully planned for many years, surprise, but also have nine superior participation, can the grand master kill the grand master.Fan Xian killed Emperor Qing for the first time.Fan Xian broke with Emperor Qing after he had Chen Pingping, the director of the People’s Procuratorate, cut to pieces.Fan Xian joined the bitter lotus apprentice Begonias duoduo, sigu sword apprentice Wang Shisanlang, the world’s first killer shadow three people killed emperor Qing.This is the world’s young generation of outstanding, have more than nine strength.However, fan Xian and other four people or difficult to defeat the grand master Qing Emperor, if it were not for hiding in the star upstairs Fan Ruoruo, with heavy blitzer Barrett M82A1 blitzer Qing Emperor, qing Emperor injured, fan Xian and other four young masters will all die in front of the imperial city.From this battle, it can be seen that the heavy blitzer Barrett M82A1 is able to blitzer the grand master, as long as there is a sniper ambush in a kilometer away, a gun can collapse the grand master.If it were not for the qing emperor to know the existence of this big kill device, put a protective mirror on the chest, Fan Ruoruo’s one gun has collapsed his life.Fan Xian killed Emperor Qing for the second time.Fan Xian first kill qing emperor failure, with crabapple blossoming, Wang Thirteen Lang went to the temple, brought back the amnesia of the five bamboo, again to Kyoto to kill Qing emperor.This war, five bamboo a force, from outside the city to kill before qing emperor.Emperor Qing faced the broken left leg of the Five bamboo, with the storm of the king’s way of boxing will be five bamboo into serious injury.Fan Ruoruo hit qing Emperor’s left arm with a heavy strike Barrett M82A1, Fan Xian took the opportunity to give qing Emperor a fatal blow.Qing emperor dying, will be heavy strike Barrett M82A1 twisted into scrap iron, tear off the five bamboo eye mask, five bamboo laser light ash.From this battle, it can be seen that, in addition to the heavy blitzer Barrett M82A1, really want to die, five bamboo can fight with the grand master.However, if the five bamboo use laser light, then the powerful grand master will be five bamboo eye mask under the laser light second kill.To sum up, if you want to kill the great master who should not exist in the world, there are three methods: 1.2, blitzer Barrett M82A1 kill grand master;Five bamboo laser light to kill the grand master.I don’t know if you have other methods, welcome to discuss correction.

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