Every picture is a warm auspicious year for meihekou people

January 25 is the 23rd day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar, xiao Nian.The off-year is the prelude to the Spring Festival. After the off-year, the rhythm of the Spring Festival begins.Seen the streets, supermarkets in the New Year is also more powerful!Buy a bag of sugar orange, the New Year life to lead sweet honey;Buy some oranges, the New Year we want to wish;Buy a few longans, the New Year, we want to be full.Fish and shrimp can not lack, nutritional parameters can be many;More than every year, eat carp yue Longmen, add shrimp to spare time!The small treasure in the shopping cart, not noisy, reward a candy or small food, he can skillfully accompany you to the supermarket, until the shopping basket is full.The quality of pork is really too greedy people, xinxinxinnian clean row, pure thin, multifarious, how to do is to add blessing and color.Turn head to discover, elder ye is holding a bag of dumplings, ask me taste how?I said: “as long as the heart is happy, eat what is fragrant.”Xiao Nian means that people are ready to have a clean and clean New Year, said that the New Year should have a new atmosphere, expressed the working people a good wish to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the New Year.Xiaonian, is a gentle reminder to the wanderer, it tells you that it’s time to go home for the New Year.Reunion, is the most precious flavor of the New Year, people pack bags, smiling, sit on the car home, set foot on the way.After leaving the supermarket, I passed by the station and saw the city’s “Baygreat” protecting the safety and health of the people in winter. The epidemic prevention staff of the station carefully looked at the nucleic acid test reports of passengers, and people actively cooperated with sampling. We worked together to have a safe and healthy year in Meihekou, a hot land.All media reporter of Jilin Daily: Sui Erlong

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