Hals: Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with liquor service provider Shangyuan Group

Recently, Hals signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shangyuan Group Co., LTD. The two sides will give full play to their respective advantages to build a win-win and sustainable strategic partnership.Zhu Yueming, chairman of Shangyuan Group, said that Hals is a production-oriented enterprise centered on cup manufacturing.Business source is a flow – oriented enterprise, centered on wine.Through the visit, WE know that Hals is also developing towards the direction of platform industry and the direction of cross-border integration.Wine is not only a gift, but also consumer goods, is a versatile product.Wu Zifu, president of Hals, said that Hals began to do channel innovation this year, in addition to cooperating with other enterprises to develop joint cup new species, but also set up a special strategic cooperation department, the development of different industry alliance new gameplay.Just like in the movie Sideways, I hope that The “cup” of Hals and the “wine” of Shangyuan can collide and create a space for poetic development.Data shows that Shangyuan Group is one of the most influential beverage service providers in China.

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