Prepare to wrap a small quilt tonight from the northern Xinjiang into more snow period

Pomegranate cloud/Xinjiang Daily news (reporter Yu Mengfan reports) We must have been concerned about the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, but also by one and another Olympic athletes “circle powder.”Today let us continue to cheer for the Olympic athletes on the field, wish they can play their best results!At 8:45 in the morning of February 9th, the weather in Urumqi was fine. When the morning star was still hanging on the horizon, the sky in the east was already golden.There was slight to light snow in some areas in western Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture, western Bortala Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, northern mountainous altay Prefecture, mountainous Kashgar Prefecture and mountainous Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture today.Other parts of xinjiang to sunny or cloudy weather, not much wind.Urumqi is sunny and sometimes foggy today, the highest temperature of -4℃, the lowest temperature of -11℃, wind level 3.On the morning of February 9, the morning clouds in urumqi were red.With the temperature drop and snow just around the corner, get ready to wrap up your quilt.From today night to February 15 night, northern Xinjiang will enter a period of snow, three snowfall process has affected northern Xinjiang, Yili prefecture, tacheng local snowfall.Meteorological authorities remind the next two days, northern Xinjiang, eastern Xinjiang snow on animal husbandry, facility agriculture, urban operations have a negative impact, please strengthen prevention.The accumulative snowfall and thick snow in the northern part of Yili prefecture and Tacheng area need to strengthen the road safety management in pastoral areas, and do a good job in supplementing livestock and keeping warm.Gu Ailing, a first-time Olympian, won the gold medal in the women’s big jump freestyle skiing event at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 8.Freestyle skiing, also known as “air dancing”, is the perfect combination of alpine skiing and aerial skills.The athletes skied down the slope and performed aerial tricks.Judges give points based on skill, movement and time, and the athletes with high difficulty, beautiful movement and short time win.The first Olympic gold medal won by China in skiing was also related to freestyle skiing.Han Xiaopeng won the gold medal of men’s freestyle skiing aerial skill competition at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics.

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