Spring Festival, road trip!In Jingjiang, these places…

Next, we will visit The riverside city of Taizhou — Jingjiang, which is hardly facing the Yangtze River. The water system is criss-crossed with fresh water to nourish all things in the city.▲ For a self-drive tour of Xiaoqiao Port, the first choice is to “walk” along the Waterfront corridor of Xiaoqiao Port. Along the waterfront, there are slow green corridors connecting the north and south, blue and green.After wangjiang Bridge, the water system is “Y” shape trend, the water is more open.Along the scenic belt of Xiaoqiao Port, there are not only a variety of plants and unique landscape sketches, but also an undulating and winding aerial bicycle path from Dujiang Road to Changyang Road.With the completion of the whole line of the undercrossing channel, from Ma Zhou Park along the undercrossing channel, xiaoqiao port landscape belt leisure walk all the way forward, without the interference of municipal road vehicles, you can easily reach the gongxing River landscape belt.Mazhou Park is located in the center of Binjiang New Town, with ronghu Square, fishing boat moonlight, lonely mountain fishing moon, green wave jinsha, cultural monument wall, nine twists and turns bridge, Sand garden peach blossom, white dove golden bridge and other 15 scenic spots.In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, citizens and tourists can also walk on fitness trails and jog around the lake.Shiwei Harbor Landscape Belt is a water-friendly corridor running through the north and south of Binjiang New Town. It is a beautiful landscape belt integrating leisure, fitness and entertainment.The whole landscape belt is designed with fenglin Listening tao, Wizard of Oz, sunshine greenhouse, Concentric square, seven-color flower sea and other main nodes of the landscape, through the garden road and leisure area through each scenic spot.At present, this green channel has become a fitness “clock”. Xinmin Road on the east side of the landscape belt has a slow bicycle system and sidewalks on both sides. Citizens and tourists can take a walk while enjoying the scenery of Shiwei Port landscape belt and experience the charm of slow life.Mocheng Park, on the east side of Binjiang New Town, is the “core park” and the “starting area” of Binjiang Ecological Park, covering an area of about 2,800 mu with a green coverage rate of 65%.Mocheng Park not only plays an important ecological function for noise reduction, dust absorption, air purification and heat island effect in surrounding areas, but also provides a good place for citizens and tourists to relax and exercise.Where do we go for the Spring Festival holiday?Take a walk around the “10 minute Fitness Circle” and you will find the changing Jingjiang is amazing!Copyright Notice: The articles, pictures, videos and music used by Taizhou Culture Travel service belong to the relevant right holders, and the purpose is to promote taizhou culture and tourism resources, not for commercial profit.Due to objective reasons, if there is any improper use of the situation, please contact us at any time in private letter related to signature, copyright, remuneration and other matters.Comments, comments and corrections are welcome!Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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